A red light accident lawyer shaking his client's hand in his office after coming to an agreement to work together.Ignoring a traffic light can have serious consequences. If you happen to be in the path of a driver who blows through a red light, you could sustain severe and life-changing injuries.

Whether your red light collision was minor or severe, the effects can be far-reaching. Many people suffer from physical injuries, mental and emotional struggles, and other challenges that stem from harrowing accidents.

A personal injury attorney can’t make all of these problems disappear, but they can help you receive the compensation you may be eligible for. Bert McDowell is an experienced attorney who has won millions of dollars in settlements and jury awards on behalf of his clients.

He takes a thorough and careful approach to each case and does everything in his power to advocate for your rights to seek compensation under Connecticut and federal law.

Prior to his career as a personal injury attorney, Bert worked as a lawyer for insurance companies. He has a deep understanding of negotiations, rules, and obligations regarding payouts and the standards victims must meet to be eligible for compensation.

If you are ready to stop fighting your battles alone, Bert is here to help. Contact his firm to schedule a free, no-obligation case review today when you call (203) 633-7449 or contact us online.

Reasons to Hire a Hartford Red Light Accident Attorney

A staggering 1,000 injury-causing crashes happen at intersections throughout the United States every day. Further, red-light runners have claimed more than 9,000 lives in the past decade.

Many of these accidents are avoidable, but because people choose to drive negligently, everyone who uses the roads is at risk.

Red light accidents can be tricky to resolve. After all, you have to rely on physical evidence, statements from witnesses, and other documents to piece together the sequence of events — and the involved parties may not always play fair.

If a negligent driver is trying to avoid responsibility, they may attempt to downplay their involvement or pin the accident on you by twisting the facts. This adds insult to literal injury, and it can easily complicate your case.

Involving an attorney shows that you’re serious about being treated fairly. People are less likely to use time-wasting strategies if they know that they’re dealing with a seasoned professional.

Further, it’s helpful to have someone in your corner when you’re facing intimidating negotiations, getting pushed from one agent to another, or dealing with delays. Involving an attorney can move the process along and help initiate a swift resolution.

Even if you get to the stage where the insurance company is offering you a payout, think twice before accepting their initial figure. The sad fact is that most companies will offer the smallest amount that they can get away with unless they get pushback from the victim.

That doesn’t mean you have to be aggressive, demanding, or rude, though, as simply retaining an experienced attorney familiar with insurance claims negotiation can make all the difference in securing a fair payout.

Benefits of Hiring a Red Light Accident Lawyer in Hartford

A Hartford personal injury attorney can help you by offering the following services and benefits.

Informing You of Your Rights

Injured parties have a right to seek compensation from the negligent parties who caused their accident. They have the right to timely handling of their claim and due consideration of the damages they report to the insurer.

If the other party refuses to accept liability, injury victims have the right to pursue the matter in court.

Insurers and at-fault drivers playing hardball may convince you that you don’t have any of the rights above or that it is prudent to give up those rights and accept a paltry payout. Your attorney will keep you grounded and aware of the rights you have, giving you the legal standing and confidence to fight for the claim you need.

Reviewing the Evidence

A personal injury attorney can review evidence and documentation from the accident to ensure it was collected and interpreted properly. They’ll draw your attention to any holes in the story or issues with the facts, if applicable.

They’ll also look for the elements they need to prove negligence. This proof is essential for helping you obtain a fair payout.

If needed, your attorney can also gather additional evidence to support your case. They’ll speak with witnesses, request all available photos and videos, and potentially even hire their own crash scene reconstruction expert, all in order to assert your rights to a claim.

Estimating the Total Costs of Your Damages

Accident victims commonly make the mistake of underestimating their expenses. There are initial costs that add up quickly, such as ambulance fees, emergency medical care costs, and the expense of repairing or replacing your vehicle.

However, accidents often lead to long-term hidden costs, ones that can cause a heavy burden on your household. You may need specialty medical care in the future for complications that arise from your injuries.

Alternatively, you may struggle to perform your job after an accident and have to switch to a different career — a move that could result in lost income.

No matter your circumstances, a personal injury attorney will make sure that you have a reasonable estimate of your future costs, reducing the risk that you will have left money on the table after signing your settlement.

Negotiating a Settlement Amount

Finally, a personal injury attorney can play hardball with insurance companies to help you get the settlement that you deserve. Attorneys are trained negotiators, and an experienced attorney will know how to work with insurance companies in a fair, straightforward manner.

They’ll represent your interests and use proven negotiation tactics to seek to secure a reasonable payout on your behalf.

The Impact of Red Light Accidents

Nearly 40 percent of accidents happen at intersections, and many of these collisions are attributed to people running red lights.

Red light accidents can have far-reaching physical and mental effects. An accident can also change your lifestyle, career, and family life.

Some of the new struggles you may face are listed as follows.


Red light accidents often involve a high rate of speed. With this in mind, red light accidents can cause severe injuries.

Examples include broken bones, cuts, tears, scrapes, neck and back strains, head or brain injuries, crushing force injuries, and internal organ damage. Hundreds of deaths occur each year due to red light accidents, as well.

After a serious accident, you may spend months or years receiving medical care, rehabilitative therapies, and medications to ease discomfort and help you resume your typical activities. You may never return to your prior physical state after a bad collision, but you can make significant strides with personalized medical care.

Mental & Emotional Strain

Collisions can change your life in a matter of seconds. In one moment, you’re peacefully minding your own business as you drive, and the next moment, you’re thrown into a chaotic and scary new reality. Even if you have supportive friends and family to help you, you may suffer from the effects of stress, anxiety, grief, isolation, anger, and depression.

With so many complex emotions to process and little time to recover or react, it’s normal for people to struggle after an accident. The mental and physical healing process can take much longer than the physical healing process, as well.

Lost Income & Earning Potential

Employers expect employees to perform their job duties accurately and effectively. No matter your job, there is a risk that an accident will render you unable to work like you did before.

For example, if your job requires physical labor and you’re now incapacitated, you can no longer perform those duties, and you may be forced to switch roles or explore a new career path. This devastating realization can fall upon anyone who has dedicated time and energy to reaching their work goals.

An attorney can help you mitigate all of these outcomes by seeking a reasonable settlement for all the losses you have suffered and will suffer. They fight on your behalf to hold at-fault parties accountable for the full costs of financial damages and personal suffering they inflict.

Insurers May Try to Use Contributory Negligence to Reduce Your Payout

When you’re facing mental, physical, and financial challenges, you need all the help you can get. Thankfully, Connecticut and federal law allow people who have been hurt by another’s negligent actions to receive compensation.

Connecticut is a comparative fault state, which means that you can receive a payout as long as you are not responsible for the majority (50 percent or more) of what happened. During the insurance company’s investigation, they’ll assign a portion of the blame to each involved party, depending on the circumstances.

Your payout will be reduced in accordance with the amount of blame that you’re assigned.

If you feel that you’ve been unfairly assigned blame or that the portion of blame you were assigned is unreasonable, you can always request a copy of the accident report from the police. From there, you can review the accident report with your attorney to isolate the factors that investigators used to determine fault. If you spot errors or inaccuracies, you can ask for the report to be amended.

Your attorney will help you assess the facts of the case and determine, to the highest degree of accuracy possible, who was actually at fault for your injuries.

Get in Touch With a Hartford Red Light Accident Law Firm Today

Red light accidents happen frequently across Hartford. Even if you try your best to be a careful driver, you can’t predict the actions of others, and you can only do so much to steer clear of danger.

Many accidents are attributable to human error, and sadly, negligent drivers may not change their ways — even after close calls or a serious accident. Therefore, you have to protect yourself and know what options are available if you’re involved in a red-light collision.

Bert McDowell has worked with many clients who have suffered in various ways due to negligence. His job is to represent people’s interests and ensure that they have a fair shot at receiving the compensation they deserve.

There is no guarantee that you’ll receive compensation after working with a personal injury attorney, but a knowledgeable lawyer will know what elements must be proven to help your case succeed. They’ll be prepared with the experience and insight to work with insurance companies and law enforcement.

Prior to his career as a personal injury attorney, Bert represented insurers, which gave him a unique perspective in his field.

Bert has convenient offices in Hartford, with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney team ready to serve you. If you’re ready to move forward with a free, no-obligation consultation, give him a call at (203) 633-7449 or fill out our online contact form.