Due to its proximity to water, like the Long Island Sound, the city of Bridgeport is a prime location for boating. Many of the people spend much of their summers on boats or at the marina. Others use water vessels as a means of transportation since Long Island is just a ferry ride away. Unfortunately, these vehicles are susceptible to crashes, turning days of relaxation and fun in the sun into life-changing disasters.

If you were recently harmed or suffered property damages in a boating wreck, a Bridgeport boat accident attorney at Bert McDowell Injury Law can assist you. A Bridgeport personal injury lawyer at our firm can thoroughly investigate your case to learn whether you have a viable personal injury claim. If you have questions about your legal options, then Bring on Bert!

Types of Collisions Our Bridgeport Boat Accident Attorneys Handle

People can suffer injuries in a wide variety of boating incidents, such as:

  • Collisions with other boats
  • Collisions with docks, buoys, and other fixed objects
  • Collisions with swimmers, surfers, or jet skiers
  • Flooding
  • Grounding
  • Falling overboard

A Bridgeport motorboat crash lawyer—like Bert McDowell—has had success helping survivors of many different types of boating accidents, and he is prepared to use his experience to assist those currently dealing with losses from devastating water vessel wrecks.

Reasons for Water Vessel Crashes in Bridgeport

Boating accidents are alarmingly common both in Bridgeport and around the country. Unfortunately, many recreational water vessel operators do not take their navigational responsibilities as seriously as they should.

Operator Inexperience

Before operating a car, a person typically studies the rules of the road, practices driving, and then obtains a driver’s license. Although Connecticut law requires its residents to get a boating certificate if they operate motorboats or certain sailboats, not every person out on the water obeys that rule. For instance, many boat owners let their unlicensed teenagers or children use their boats without proper training. Consequently, operator inexperience leads to many accidents. People who are not familiar with changing tides or conditions do not know how to respond appropriately in emergency situations.

Operator Negligence

While most people drive their cars as a means of transportation, many boaters consider their boats to be their recreation destinations. As a result, they tend to let down their guard more behind the wheel of a boat than they do with a car. It is not uncommon to come across a boat operator holding a can of beer in their hand as they navigate their vehicle. In addition, boat operators can get distracted by their phones, passengers, or even their scenic surroundings. Without road signs posting speed limits, boaters often travel unreasonably fast.

Equipment Problems

Some collisions occur because of defective or damaged boat parts. Additionally, accidents can become more serious with inadequate or missing safety devices and equipment. Boat owners have a duty to regularly inspect and properly maintain their vessels.

Bad Weather and Limited Visibility

Bad weather can lead to rough seas and poor visibility. Responsible boat operators should look at the predicted weather conditions before taking their boats out onto the water.
An experienced boat attorney in Bridgeport, such as Bert McDowell, can investigate to determine how a particular crash occurred. He can speak with witnesses, including other boat passengers, to see if they observed anything about the operator’s activities before the accident. He can also review the vessel’s maintenance history to determine if any mechanical problems were present. With his extensive knowledge of boats, he can study weather charts and sea conditions to learn about the circumstances leading up to the collision.

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After a boating collision, your first priority should be to take care of yourself and treat your injuries. A knowledgeable Bridgeport boat accident attorney can take care of the rest. They can help you pursue a claim against any negligent parties, including the boat owner, boat operator, boat rental company, boat manufacturers, boat maintenance crew, or boat passengers.
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