Bridgeport Wrong Way Accident Lawyer

A wrong way accident lawyer working diligently on a case on his laptop.When a vehicle veers onto the wrong side of the road, the scene can be shocking to oncoming motorists. Wrong-way accidents are severe collisions because of the impact that two high-speed vehicles colliding head-on can create, possibly leading to life-altering injuries.

An attorney can help protect the financial well-being of a wrong-way accident victim in Bridgeport by overseeing and offering guidance during a claim to recover damages. An accident claim can involve highly specific knowledge and many demanding tasks, but with Bridgeport auto accident case representation to manage your claim’s progress, you’ll have a team of experienced professionals behind you to lend their knowledge.

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How Will a Bridgeport Wrong Way Accident Attorney Support Me Through an Auto Accident Case?

Facing an accident with a reckless driver who broke fundamental rules of the road is a traumatic experience, not only physically but emotionally as well.

The repercussions that a serious wrong-way accident may have on the victims and their loved ones can be devastating, and the weight of the financial burdens associated with a car crash will only add another level of stress to the family.

Litigation can be a demanding experience for the victim of a wrong-way accident and their family: recounting the traumatic experience, putting aside time for claim management, and bearing the full weight of the stress that a legal battle can bring. When you have the help of an attorney, you have a professional to lean on for guidance.

As an accident victim seeks compensation for damages incurred in a car crash, a Bridgeport wrong-way accident attorney can:

  • Help a claimant prevent common mistakes: Even when the claimant holds no responsibility for the negligent actions that caused the accident, they can still make mistakes that jeopardize the outcome of their claim. For example, many accident victims will apologize after the crash, even if they have nothing to apologize for. A claimant could also falsely place all of their trust in the insurance adjuster to ensure that their claim is valued to the fullest extent. While many of the most common mistakes seem insignificant, they may be the difference in the amount a claimant recovers.
  • Provide legal advice and professional guidance: When you have uncertainties about how the process of your damage recovery claim is unfolding, you’ll want an experienced professional to offer thoughtful and tailored advice. Without the help of your own representation, you may be left confused and unsure about the important details of settling your case.
  • Review an insurer’s valuation of your claim: A claim adjuster is tasked with comprising a settlement offer that relieves the accidental victim of the damages that their insured driver caused. These representatives may seem trustworthy and friendly, but it is important to remember that they have no obligation to ensure that the claimant is walking away with a comprehensive settlement. An attorney will conduct their own valuation of your damages to get an accurate understanding of what you could realistically expect, including the projected future costs of medical care and lost wages.
  • Negotiate the final settlement: Once the investigation period of your claim is complete, representatives from the parties involved will convene regarding the final settlement. Insurers can use many tactics, such as wildly undervaluing a claim in the hopes of lowering the claimant’s expectations. Your Bridgeport personal injury lawyer will speak on your behalf using data from your case to steer the negotiation toward the optimal path.
  • Prepare an accident victim’s case for a formal lawsuit: Most victims of wrong-way accidents can settle their damages by filing a claim with the liable party’s insurer. In cases where an out-of-court settlement cannot be reached, an attorney can help you file a formal lawsuit to collect reimbursement for your damages.

How Do Wrong Way Accidents Happen?

An accident can happen virtually anywhere, but when a motorist blatantly ignores the most basic traffic laws, it is understandable to raise speculation about how one could get themself in this kind of situation.

Most wrong-way accidents result from driver error, and they are rarely caused by a malfunction in the vehicle. Roughly 500 fatalities a year are caused by drivers operating their vehicles on the wrong side of the road, and many of these cases come down to the same handful of factors.

A driver is most likely to steer their vehicle onto the wrong side of the road in certain situations, including:

  • The driver is impaired: Driving under the influence is a dangerous habit that can cause a motorist to act recklessly, speeding, swerving, and merging into the wrong lanes. An intoxicated driver can cause a wrong-way accident because having impaired judgment and reflexes leaves them with little control over their vehicle.
  • Unclear road directions: A new driver or someone who is unfamiliar with the city may not understand how the roads are set up and could misread a sign, leading to a crash from going the wrong way down a one-way road or by entering into a lane they didn’t realize was for oncoming traffic. It is essential for a driver who is unfamiliar with the area to drive at a careful speed because these mistakes can become dangerous in a matter of seconds.
    • The motorist is distracted: Texting, eating, or something as simple as changing the radio station can all be detrimental distractions that cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle and drive onto the wrong side of the road.
  • Median crossings: Drivers are most likely to cross the median in a divided highway on accident after a major event, like a spinout, or because they are impaired and lost control of their vehicle.
  • Aggressive and dangerous passing: On two-lane roads, drivers have just a slim window to overtake slower-moving traffic by crossing into the opposing lane. This maneuver is always dangerous, and without sound judgment and careful maneuvering, it could easily result in a head-on collision

What Compensation Can a Wrong Way Accident Victim Recover?

To cover the damages incurred from a wrong-way accident with another motorist, a claimant can file a liability claim for:

  • Medical bills, including the cost of continued treatment
  • Lost wages and the loss of possible income due to new conditions or limitations
  • Property damage, such as vehicle replacement
  • Compensation for pain and suffering, mental anguish, or other emotional damages

After experiencing a wrong-way accident, the most common route for recovering compensation is filing a claim with the liable party’s insurer. The claimant will work alongside the adjuster to negotiate a settlement that reflects the damages associated with their insured driver’s negligence.

Alternatively, an auto accident victim may need to file a formal lawsuit in order to recover a settlement for their Bridgeport accident damages. In a situation where the liable driver does not have adequate coverage, or the insurer refuses to offer an agreeable settlement, an attorney can help you prepare a formal lawsuit.

Commonly Sustained Injuries From the Head-on Impact of a Wrong Way Driving Accident

The impact of a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction can be extreme, especially when the two cars are moving toward each other head-on. The force exerted from this type of collision can lead to extreme, life-altering injuries.

Some of the most serious injuries treated from a wrong-way collision include:

  • Whiplash
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Spinal cord injuries causing partial or complete paralysis
  • Facial injuries
  • Internal injuries to the chest and organs
  • Breaks, fractures, and dislocations

Will a Motorist Who Caused a Wrong Way Accident Be Charged With a Crime in Bridgeport?

Driving in the wrong direction is a moving violation in Connecticut that falls into multiple categories, such as reckless driving and a lane violation. This violation can result in repercussions like fines, license suspension, or even jail time in serious cases where another person was injured or killed.

In recent years, these accidents have become increasingly deadly. In 2022, Connecticut saw a 6% increase in fatalities relating to wrong-way accidents, leading to more arrests and convictions for wrong-way accident offenders.

A Bridgeport Wrong Way Accident Law Firm Can Help Victims of Driver Negligence

A motorist who causes an accident by driving on the wrong side of the road can be held liable for the victim’s damages, but that doesn’t make recovering a comprehensive settlement an easy task. In many cases, a claimant can bear no responsibility for the accident and still walk away with out-of-pocket expenses.

A Bridgeport wrong-way accident law firm can oversee the progress of your case after an accident so you can maximize your chances of walking away without the financial burden of another person’s negligence.

An initial consultation with Bert McDowell Injury Law can help you gain insight into how the details of your accident can affect your claim. Schedule your free, no-risk case review with our experienced attorneys when you call (203) 590-9169 or contact us online today.