When you get a debilitating headache, chances are you reach into your medicine cabinet for a pill to make it go away. When you have a more serious medical condition or injury, you visit a medical professional hoping that they can give you medicine to make you better or at least diminish the pain.

How Can a Bridgeport Dangerous Drugs Attorney Help?

Most of the time, modern day medicine is helpful; however, sometimes, instead of curing your illness, drugs can make you even more sick. If you or your loved one recently suffered harm after taking a medication, you should consider meeting with a Bridgeport dangerous drugs attorney. An experienced Bridgeport personal injury lawyer at Bert McDowell Injury Law is prepared to review your case and help you pursue legal action. If you are ready to get started, Bring on Bert!

Claims Against the Drug Manufacturer

To ensure that the medications available to consumers in this country are reasonably safe, the FDA requires pharmaceutical manufacturers to test their drugs for adverse side effects and counteractions with other medicines. Unfortunately, the government’s drug approval process is not always foolproof. Dangerous drugs can slip through the cracks. Sometimes, careless mistakes occur during the design, testing, or manufacturing process. Other times, drug companies prioritize profits over consumer safety. For example, a drug company could try to hasten the testing process to get their drug onto the market more quickly by cutting corners and not testing a large enough sample of the population. In even more egregious cases, pharmaceutical companies could withhold potentially damaging information concerning the results of drug testing.

Fortunately, a dedicated Bridgeport dangerous drugs lawyer like Bert McDowell can help. He can investigate by skillfully examining the drug manufacturer’s testing protocol and results. Bert can speak with industry experts to see if the manufacturer complied with industry standards. He can also see if the error occurred because of a careless mistake or an intentional disregard for consumer safety.

A knowledgeable legal professional like Bert can review a particular accident claim and help a claimant determine whether to pursue an individual claim against the drug company. Alternatively, a lawyer can assist a person in joining in a large class action claim with other similarly affected people.

Claims Against the Prescribing Doctor or Pharmacist

Sometimes, reasonably safe drugs can cause serious health complications when taken incorrectly. When a doctor prescribes medication to their patient, they need to consider the health and circumstances of that particular person. They need to give the correct dosage of the right drug. For instance, a doctor cannot prescribe the same medicine dosage to a toddler as they would to a grown man. They also must thoroughly examine their patient’s medical history so that they are aware of any other medicine they are taking to avoid a negative counterindication.

Similarly, pharmacists need to take care when they fulfill prescriptions. They must ensure that they follow the doctor’s written instructions precisely. They also need to put the correct label on the pill bottle so that the patient knows how much to take and how often to take it.

An unsafe medication lawyer in Bridgeport can investigate the specific circumstances surrounding a particular drug error. They can review an injured person’s medical records to determine how the mistake occurred and who is responsible.

Get in Touch with a Bridgeport Dangerous Drugs Law Firm

Medicine should not pose an unreasonable or unforeseeable risk to consumers. When people take medication, they should be able to assume that it is reasonably safe for their intended use. If a patient takes a drug exactly as prescribed by their doctor or according to the instructions included on the drug’s packaging or bottle, they should not have to worry that the medicine will harm them.

If a medication hurt you, a hardworking Bridgeport dangerous drugs attorney like Bert McDowell can work tirelessly to help you obtain compensation from the liable parties. Call today to discuss your legal options.

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