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An aerial shot of a parking lot with multiple cars lined up and trying to enter.Parking lots are not as safe as one would think. Many pedestrians, bikes, and cars share space at any given time, creating the perfect scenario for one moment of negligence that causes severe injury and property damage.

Accidents in a parking lot may not be minor, either. Many times, pedestrians are involved, sometimes causing serious head injuries and other forms of trauma. Low-speed vehicle collisions also pose their own dangers, sometimes causing whiplash or other serious medical conditions.

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Why Hire a Bridgeport Parking Lot Accident Attorney

When you work with an personal injury attorney in Bridgeport, they help manage your case while doing everything in their power to recover 100% of the damages you have lost. Their services can raise your chances of success while also potentially raising the value of the settlement you end up with.

An attorney has seen similar cases to yours and knows the strategies and tactics insurers use to convince you to forfeit the full amount of damages to which you would otherwise be entitled. Hiring an experienced attorney might be the best solution to solidify your claim’s chances of success and ensure you receive the most compensation your case deserves.

When you choose to work with a car accident law firm that has successfully negotiated and settled similar cases, you are hiring a team that will:

  • Provide consistent representation throughout your case
  • Serve as a resource for any questions you may have
  • Be the expert analyst of evidence and document preparation
  • Serve as your advocate as your case travels through the claims process and court system

Choosing to work with an expert who has successfully resolved similar cases increases your chances of receiving a payout that adequately covers the damages you have suffered. They will work with you to build your claim and identify what damages were created by your accident.

Parking lot cases typically include a combination of these kinds of damages:

  • Past medical bills
  • Future medical treatment costs
  • Lost wages and diminished earnings, including loss of benefits or reduced income-earning opportunities
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering

Identifying Fault in a Parking Lot Accident

An attorney will have the resources and experience to help you determine who is liable for your parking lot accident. They will review evidence, like the police report, images, security camera footage, and witness statements, to better understand how the event occurred and what led to the crash.

Fortunately, in many instances, faults might be easier to identify in the parking lot than on the road. For example, drivers who fail to yield in the right of way or fail to look behind their car before backing up are typically at fault. Other cases may be more difficult to prove, but by using right-of-way laws and other guidelines for safe driving, your attorney can help you build a case for liability.

When your attorney reviews the evidence, they will also show how the negligent party caused your injuries, demonstrating their responsibility for its medical treatment and other costs you have encountered.

Multi-Party Negligence

While analyzing your case, it is possible to encounter a situation with more than one party at fault. For example, a negligent property owner could be responsible in part for the collision.

Parking lots are not considered a public right of way, so someone owns the parking lot itself.

If there was a pothole in the pavement that a driver tried to avoid and crashed into someone else, the property owner would be liable for the crash when they failed to maintain the parking lot. Other examples of property owner negligence include improper lighting, poor traffic flow designs, dangerous view obstructions, lack of signage or pedestrian safety measures, and failure to enforce safe speeds through the use of bumps, signage, or other means.

What Commonly Causes Parking Lot Accidents?

Bridgeport residents always need to use a parking lot at some time or another, but even when they least expect it, they may find themselves in the middle of a car accident. There is often a lot of movement in parking lots; it only takes one moment for a driver to look at something other than the road and crash into something or someone.

Parking lot accidents typically happen when a driver is:

  • Speeding
  • Violating road rules
  • Backing up without looking


Speeding into a parking lot creates a hazardous environment for anyone in the area. Parking lots are typically congested and require lower speeds to accommodate heavy pedestrian traffic and the presence of hazards like shopping carts.

However, when a driver comes in speeding, there is a possibility that they will be unable to stop if:

  • A pedestrian is crossing the road
  • Another driver makes a wide turn in a tight space
  • Another driver is backing up from their space
  • They need to yield right of way at an intersected area or other place where traffic flows

Violation of Road Rules

Carelessness while sharing the parking lot with others may have catastrophic results. Road rules are placed for one reason: to keep the public safe while using any part of the right of way.

In order to prevent accidents in shopping centers, appropriate signs and other measures are typically installed throughout, from stop signs to pedestrian crossings to signs to prevent blocking of the fire lane.

When parking lot rules are broken, dangerous situations result. Someone who runs a stop sign may not realize that a mother was just crossing the road with her child in a stroller, or if someone parks in the fire lane, it prevents the fire department from parking and assists when there is an emergency.

Backing Up Without Looking

Accidents where one backs into another car, happen more often than one thinks. The National Safety Council reports tens of thousands of car accidents in parking lots in the US each year, many of which result in injury.

Most of these accidents were related to distractions that included backing up without looking. As a result, there is often a fender bender, and someone is likely to be hurt.

Although fender benders are not known to have deadly results, victims may suffer whiplash and bumps and bruises because of the crash. These injuries can create thousands of dollars worth of medical bills and property damage. Victims may also encounter more serious injuries as a result of the sudden crash and violent jerking of the vehicle.


Seeing someone so close to the back of your car will make you righteously nervous. If you make a sudden stop, the driver who is tailing you will not have the time to apply their brake, and suddenly, they hit the back of your car.

In Connecticut, the law states that the tailgating driver is usually the party at fault.

What to Do After an Accident

Even minor car accidents will create a frustrating and possibly confusing situation for all involved. The first thing is to ensure that everyone is okay.

If someone requires medical attention, call 911 immediately and request paramedics. Follow these steps if you were in a parking lot car accident:

  • Ensure that no parties are injured or require medical assistance
  • Call 911 and request police and EMT if someone is hurt
  • Try to stay calm and explain what you know to the police
  • Take pictures and video recordings of the accident scene
  • Receive a copy of the police report
  • Seek a medical diagnosis as soon as possible
  • Reach out to an attorney before filing an insurance claim

Receiving a copy of the police report is essential to show that you were not at fault and that the liability belongs to the other party.

What Kind of Injuries Are Associated With Parking Lot Accidents?

Parking lot accidents are dangerous — and may be potentially deadly. One would believe that the slower speeds of a parking lot prevent such catastrophic results, but in reality, it proves to be much more dangerous.

Pedestrians, in particular, face head trauma and fractures as a result of the sudden impact with the vehicle — often resulting in a secondary impact into the asphalt, a curb, or another vehicle.

Victims of parking lot accidents may endure the following:

  • Broken bones
  • Internal injuries
  • Joint injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries

Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord is meant to protect the nerves that are responsible for sending messages from the brain to the remaining parts of the body. But when there is an injury to the spine, the results may be a lifetime of limited movement, paralysis, and pain.

The recovery from a spinal cord injury may be long and brutal, with multiple surgeries, doctors’ appointments, and physical therapy sessions that may, over time, improve movement but do not guarantee a complete recovery.

Broken Bones

When there is a sudden force against a bone in a jolt, there is a high chance that the bones will not tolerate the strain and break.

When you are struck by a car, you can imagine that there will be damage to your property. However, many pedestrians in parking lots have nothing to protect them from if they come face to face with a moving car.

Unfortunately, they may break their bones since they lack the protection they would have if they were inside their vehicle.

Internal Injuries

Car accidents are complex events leading to numerous injuries that are not always visible at the scene. One example is internal injuries, where the victim may suffer organ damage or puncture, which can have deadly results.

Victims after a car accident may not recognize when they are in pain as they are experiencing high levels of adrenaline in their bodies, which inhibits their ability to process pain and injury properly. If they are hurt to the point that they are bleeding internally, they must seek medical intervention as soon as possible.

Work With a Bridgeport Parking Lot Accident Law Firm to Solve Your Case

Being in a parking lot accident comes with unique challenges, as one is typically on private property, surrounded by other cars and people, and in a place that is not always properly maintained. These circumstances may present challenges to determining complete liability and where to request compensation.

Find help when you hire a local parking lot accident lawyer to resolve your case. They will stand up for you and help you receive the compensation your case deserves.

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