A hit and run occurs when a party involved in a motor vehicle wreck leaves the scene without providing any contact information to the other parties involved or law enforcement. These types of auto crashes are especially frustrating for victims as it can make it more challenging to recover financially as well as to hold the party who caused them harm accountable for their actions.

If you were involved in a wreck with a negligent driver who fled the accident scene, immediately contact a local car crash lawyer. A Bridgeport hit and run accident attorney at Bert McDowell Injury Law can help make things right and get you the compensation you need to move forward. Whenever you are ready to pursue justice—Bring on Bert!

Common Fact Patterns

Hit and run collisions typically occur when the at-fault driver:

  • Does not have proper insurance
  • Has a revoked license
  • Is driving on an expired license or has expired plates
  • Is on probation or cannot have police contact
  • Is driving a stolen vehicle
  • Has a warrant out for their arrest

Most people who get into traffic accidents do not flee the scene unless they have a reason for wanting to avoid law enforcement.

Another common trend in many Bridgeport hit and run crashes is substance abuse. The at-fault driver may have been operating their vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and that may have led them to flee—either due to a lack of awareness of what happened or due to a fear of the legal consequences.

Unique Aspects of Hit and Run Accident Cases

The biggest difference between hit and run accidents and other types of automobile wrecks—such as head-on collisions and T-Bone crashes—is the lack of information available to hold the negligent driver accountable. When someone crashes into another person’s vehicle and takes off, it makes it challenging to sue that person without knowing their identity.

In such instances, an experienced Bridgeport hit and run wreck attorney could advise a person to seek damages through their own insurance. Underinsured or uninsured (UM) motorist insurance should cover the costs of any expenses related to a victim’s bodily injury. This may include:

  • Ambulance rides
  • Emergency room visits
  • Medication costs
  • Physical therapy or rehab
  • Surgeries

Though, filing an uninsured motorist claim can be tricky, especially if you have never filed one before. A knowledgeable hit and run crash lawyer in Bridgeport could help an injured person fill out the claim properly, submit it to their insurance company, and avoid any delay in getting the payments they need to recover.

How a Bridgeport Attorney Can Help with Hit and Run Accident Claims

Having a seasoned legal professional on your side could be invaluable to winning the compensation you need to recover from your accident-related injuries. A diligent Bridgeport hit and run accident lawyer like Bert McDowell could:

  • Send a spoliation letter to businesses in the area to gather any camera or video footage
  • Send a FOIA request to the police department
  • Interview potential witnesses in the area
  • Work with law enforcement to uncover the at-fault driver’s identity

Gathering the appropriate evidence in a timely manner is crucial in any accident case, though it especially critical in hit and run collisions when the identity of the negligent driver is initially unknown. Retaining the services of a skilled attorney as soon as possible gives you the best chance of obtaining the monetary damages you need to recover.

Call a Bridgeport Hit and Run Accident Law Firm Now

Whether we uncover the identity of the person who caused your accident or help you properly file an uninsured motorist claim, reaching out to a well-practiced Bridgeport personal injury lawyer at Bert McDowell Injury Law following a hit and run collision is essential to getting the compensation you deserve. Reach out to a Bridgeport hit and run accident attorney today so we can get started on your case.

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