Bridgeport Speeding Accident Lawyer

An over the shoulder shot of a man speeding at night on a city road.One of the biggest factors that can turn a minor accident into a serious collision is driving at unnecessarily high speeds. Speed limit signs are posted on the roads for the safety of all drivers.

Modern vehicles can hit tempting levels of high speeds, especially when a driver is in a rush, but racing down the road has some serious dangers.

Getting hit by someone who was speeding is likely to leave the victim with injuries as well as new expenses. The debts can feel like they are piling up exponentially,  but after being injured because of the negligent actions of another driver, a victim has the right to fight for a settlement that can fully cover these damages.

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We provide aggressive legal representation with comprehensive strategies for protecting your best interests.

An initial consultation with an attorney from Bert McDowell Injury Law is completely free, and we’ll never charge any upfront fees for handling your claim after a Bridgeport speeding accident. Your consultation leaves you with no obligation to continue with our services but will give you a chance to better understand what the claim process could look like in your case.

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When Do I Need to Talk With a Bridgeport Speeding Accident Attorney?

Filing an auto insurance claim will feel different for each claimant, but one constant that every accident victim needs is an ally along the way. An attorney can guide you through the steps of litigation, offering insight and advice as the process unfolds.

In cases where the accident victim faces serious injuries, it can be especially beneficial to retain the assistance of a Bridgeport speeding accident attorney. Accidents that result in extreme injuries will typically require extraordinary care and continued follow-up care.

This recovery process can be costly, and keeping on top of the expenses on your own can feel overwhelming when the bills pile up. An attorney can help you value your claim by accounting for a thorough representation of every expense you may face, now and in the future.

The steps of settling an auto insurance claim are not always easy, but insurers will oftentimes treat the claimants as though they are. An insurance adjuster can take advantage of an unknowing accident victim by undervaluing their claim’s worth and leaving them with future out-of-pocket expenses.

If you feel overwhelmed by the intricacies of litigation, a knowledgeable car accident attorney can be a valuable resource to offer reassurance along the way.

How Will an Auto Accident Lawyer Help My Case?

If you’ve been injured due to the reckless speeding of another motorist on the road, the process of recovering damages can feel both overwhelming and frustrating. It can be trying to manage physical and financial recovery simultaneously, but an attorney can ease the burden.

The full value of an auto accident claim won’t be clear to the claimant at the beginning of their recovery journey. As new expenses roll in, accident victim may feel tempted to settle quickly to pay off their debts, but this can leave them with future expenses to pay out-of-pocket.

Your attorney’s job is to protect your financial recovery, and that involves the present and future of your finances. By protecting a claimant from settling for lowball offers, an attorney can prevent a victim from spending their own money on another motorist’s negligence.

Throughout the process of a damage recovery claim, an attorney can aid a claimant by:

  • Providing professional resources and legal advice: When you hire an attorney to represent you through your auto accident claim, you gain their knowledge, experience, and professional resources in regard to protecting your finances. An attorney can make the process of litigation flow more efficiently, saving you precious time and energy by taking over many of the day-to-day tasks.
  • Investigating all claims of negligence: In order to go after another person’s auto insurance coverage for an accident claim, it must be provable that their driver was liable for the damages that resulted from said crash. Your attorney can manage this task, reviewing the details of your accident and assessing the involved evidence.
  • Helping you understand state laws, regulations, and standard practices: Not all states have the same auto accident damage recovery process, so it is important to be sure that you are acting on relevant information and using every law to your advantage. An attorney can help you understand the important statutes that will impact your Bridgeport speeding accident claim.
  • Negotiating a final settlement on your behalf: After deep-diving into the specifics of your accident and comparing the details to the state’s laws on negligence, your attorney will take the burdening task of negotiation off your shoulders. Coming up with a settlement figure is one thing, but presenting it to representatives of the negligent party and fighting for its value is another task altogether. A Bridgeport spring accident attorney will have extensive experience negotiating claim value and will be ready to counter any tactics to undervalue your claim.
  • Preparing your case for a formal lawsuit in the event it becomes necessary: Most auto accident damage recovery can be settled with an insurance claim, but if all parties cannot agree to settle, a formal lawsuit may be necessary. Having an attorney already retained can make getting ready for this lawsuit much quicker as they’ll have been preparing throughout the events leading up to the point of filing a formal suit.

What Injuries Are Common After a Speeding Accident?

Speeding is a dangerous habit that can become a serious factor in the extent of an accident victim’s injuries. The NHTSA reports that roughly one-third of all traffic-related fatalities are speed-related cases.

Speeding can make a serious accident worse because of the additional force at the time of impact. The resulting injuries will vary from accident to accident, but the consequences of speeding are never worth the few seconds it can save.

Speeding can lead to serious or even fatal injuries, and some of the most commonly treated injuries that a medical professional may see after a speeding-related accident include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Crushing injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Lacerations
  • Burns
  • Fractures

Why Is Speeding So Common?

We all share the road, and speed guidelines are established to promote safe driving habits and minimize the risk of serious injuries from high-speed accidents.

Even with all of the information out there on the dangers of excessive speeding and the deterrents like expensive tickets, speeding remains a dangerous habit for motorists on the roadways. From 2019 to 2021, fatal accidents that recorded speeding as a primary factor of injuries have risen by 50%.

With injuries and fatalities rising, so is the danger for everyone on the road. Even though speeding is a dangerous habit, it is common for many reasons, including:

  • Situational factors: This category includes all personal reasons, like running late and not wanting to sit in traffic. A driver who leaves for work late or needs to get home at a certain time may bypass the speed limit to save a few minutes.
  • Pressure from other drivers: In driving environments like the freeway, motorists may feel pressured to drive at the speed of the traffic around them, even if that is many mph higher than the speed limit or past what they are comfortable reaching.
  • Simple disregard for the law: Some motorists may simply dislike driving at the posted speed and ignore the signs altogether. While tickets and points on a driving record are deterrents for this habit, many speedy drivers will try to find a way around it.

Are There Any Precautions a Claimant Can Make to Protect Their Claim?

In the beginning stages of an auto accident claim, before the victim has even retained representation, there are some steps that they can take to protect their case for future proceedings

The following tips can help a claimant keep the details of their case clear and organized from the beginning:

  1. Immediately see a medical professional for any injuries
  2. Keep a record with photos of injuries and the healing process
  3. Document all losses like damaged property
  4. Never neglect follow-up care recommended by your doctor
  5. Talk to an attorney

After a Serious Crash, You Need to Call a Bridgeport Speeding Accident Law Firm

We all want to get to our destination safely, and following traffic laws is essential in preventing a crash as best as possible. Even still, speeding is a common traffic offense, and in an accident, it can intensify the force of impact and worsen the damages that all parties face.

If you have been in a speed-related auto collision with a negligent driver, a Bridgeport speeding accident law firm is standing by to help!  Booking an initial consultation with Bert McDowell Injury Law is completely free, and our personal injury services never come with an up-front fee.

We serve speeding accident claimants on a contingency basis, meaning we don’t get paid until your claim ends in successful damage recovery.

In your consultation, you and your lawyer will review the specific details regarding your accident and go over the general steps moving forward. Moreover, an initial consultation is a convenient time for claimants to ask any pressing questions or go over any worrying concerns about litigation. To schedule an appointment with Bert McDowell Injury Law, call (203) 590-9169 or contact us online today.