Bridgeport Lane Change Car Accident Lawyer

A partial top down view of a lane change car accident lawyer working on a computer.Almost anything can cause an accident, even the simple act of switching lanes. A lane change accident frequently involves a driver merging into another lane without noticing an oncoming motorist, ultimately causing a crash.

An auto accident like a lane change crash can be a frustrating experience for the unsuspecting victim, who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, leaving them with new expenses, injuries, and, of course, an ongoing legal process to manage.

Having a professional by your side during your liability claim against the at-fault driver can make the journey feel smoother, allowing you more time to focus on getting back to normal. The Bert McDowell legal team is a locally trusted Bridgeport firm that you can count on to guide you through the complexities of litigation and an injury claim.

Retaining legal representation starts with a free initial consultation, where you and your attorney can review the specific details regarding your accident.

For an initial case evaluation, it is always completely free, and our firm promises never to charge upfront fees for lane change car accidents. We only get paid when you are able to successfully recover money for your damages, putting all the risk on us, not you.

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What Can a Bridgeport Lane Change Car Accident Attorney Do to Support Me Through My Claim?

After enduring the impact of an auto accident, a victim may feel limited in their ability to perform daily tasks, let alone manage the complexities of an auto accident claim. Instead of sacrificing your own time and energy on the investigation and research seeking a claim settlement, let a legal professional take the stress off of your shoulders.

Your attorney will work hard to ensure your case has all the factors that maximize your chances of successful damage recovery.

When you work with an car accident attorney, you’ll gain a team of legal professionals to help with:

  • Claim management from start to finish: From the big steps to the fine details, an attorney will keep your claim on track, ensuring that the settlement process always moves forward. The knowledge and experience of an attorney can keep you one step ahead when working out an insurance claim, as their professional insight will help you stay prepared for every milestone while maximizing your chances of a successful payout.
    • Manage communication with outside parties: To finalize a lane change car accident claim, it is essential that all parties involved efficiently communicate. However, talking with the negligent party’s representation may be a disquieting experience that has a claimant distracted by overthinking their every word. An attorney can take over entirely, speaking on your behalf with those involved.
  • Legal resources and guidance: Litigation can be worrying when you feel unprepared, but an attorney can offer professional insight throughout the duration of your claim, providing peace of mind when any worries set in. Your attorney will also have extensive legal resources for investigating claims of negligence so that small but impactful details of your accident will never go unnoticed.
  • Accurate valuation of all damages: Coming up with a final figure for your damages can be challenging, and many injury victims tend to undervalue their own treatment costs, especially when considering the costs of future care. Your attorney will look into every penny of losses, past and future, in order to minimize the risk that you end up paying for your own damages out of pocket. Your Bridgeport personal injury lawyer will then use this information during the negotiation with the negligent party’s insurance adjuster, ensuring that they understand and have evidence for the full extent of benefits you are claiming.
  • Preparation for a possible lawsuit: Not every claim will go to trial, but in the event the claimant and the negligent party cannot agree on a settlement, your lawyer will prepare to file a formal lawsuit and represent you through a jury trial. Retaining representation in the early stages of your claim can make the process of preparing a formal lawsuit unfold more efficiently later, as your lawyer will have had a head start in outlining the preparations.

What Injuries Could Result From a Lane Change Car Accident?

Lane change crashes account for up to 1.5% of all traffic fatalities on the road each year in the U.S. It may not seem like a significant statistic, but in reality, this type of accident can account for over 700 deaths a year. This is, of course, a worst-case scenario, but it displays how serious the effects of this type of crash can be.

Most accident victims are left with their own unique combination of injuries that tell the story of their impact, which can greatly change how they go about daily activities and live their lives. Limited mobility may be temporary or even permanent in serious crashes, and the emotional toll related to the early period of healing can make the journey even more difficult.

Auto accidents can cause all types of injuries, but some of the most commonly treated include the following:

  • Concussions
  • Whiplash
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Internal bleeding and other related injuries
  • Crushing injuries
  • Facial trauma
  • Burns
  • Paralysis
  • Permanent disfigurement

How Are Lane Change Accidents Usually Caused in Bridgeport?

A lane change accident can be frustrating to endure, especially when you are following the rules of the road and face a collision out of nowhere. It is natural to be curious about how an accident like yours can occur, and the truth is that every situation is different.

A driver can inappropriately switch lanes for countless reasons, but some of the most frequently seen causes of lane change accidents include:

  • Reckless driving errors: A reckless driver will ignore traffic laws at their convenience to appeal to their driving style. For example, something as minute as not checking mirrors or having them improperly set while driving can give a motorist the impression that they are in the clear to switch lanes when they aren’t.
  • Distracted driving: Not only does this category include dangerous habits like texting while driving, but simple actions like adjusting the music volume or searching around in the central console can be just as distracting and lead to serious accidents.
  • Driving under the influence: Operating a vehicle while impaired is not only illegal but also deadly. While intoxication isn’t known to lead to the most logical decisions, it is important for a person to plan ahead with safe transportation if they plan on drinking. In the U.S., over 30% of all accident-related fatalities involved a drunk driver.
  • Blind spots: Another common cause of lane change accidents is a simple failure to notice the oncoming vehicle. In some cases, a vehicle may be blocked by a car mirror’s blind spot, which will give the impression that the lane is clear. A motorist is supposed to recognize their car’s blind spots and learn to thoroughly check around them for other vehicles.

How Can I Protect My Own Claim Following a Lane Change Accident?

An attorney can provide valuable resources throughout the process of an auto insurance claim, but before an accident victim ever retains representation, there are steps they can take on their own to protect their case.

In a settlement claim, the insurance adjuster relies on documentation from the victim to gauge how much their claim is worth. Taking a thorough approach to recording your expenses in the days after your accident can be a beneficial way to prepare for recovering a settlement down the line.

Following an accident, keep this list of tips in mind when collecting data for your attorney’s reference:

  1. Report your crash and cooperate with first responders at the scene of the accident
  2. Immediately seek medical attention for your injuries
  3. Document your injuries with photos and keep updated of the healing process
  4. Make an effort to commit to follow-up care as directed by your doctor
  5. Keep all documentation, including police reports and doctor’s assessments, for your attorney to review

Jumpstart Your Claim Process and Call a Bridgeport Lane Change Car Accident Law Firm

If you are facing injuries and taking on new expenses due to the negligent actions of another driver, an auto accident lawyer understands how frustrating the process of recovery can be. Fighting for compensation to relieve a victim of their related debts may be challenging when an insurance adjuster may not value their claim appropriately, but a Bridgeport lane change accident law firm can protect claimants from settling for offers far lower than they deserve.

There may be plenty of unknowns when it comes to settling an insurance claim, but an attorney can help you understand the ins and outs of the recovery process, keeping you prepared every step of the way. A consultation with a Bridgeport lane change car accident attorney is a call away.

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