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An out of focus shot of a truck having a red light on a suburban road.An accident involving another driver’s failure to yield to traffic lights can result in serious injuries. These accidents are generally considered high-impact because of the speeds that an ignorant driver racing through a light can reach.

Working with a locally trusted attorney can be the difference in the amount of compensation you receive after filing a claim for damages against the at-fault driver. Bert McDowell Injury Law has been dedicated to the Bridgeport community and victims just like yourself for many years, and we’re standing by to represent you, too.

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How Working With a Red Light Accident Attorney Can Benefit a Claimant

A negligent driver who speeds through a light puts an unsuspecting driver directly in harm’s way. The injuries that result from an auto accident can be severe, leaving a victim with overwhelming life changes to bear, as well as related pain, stress, and expenses.

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), an average of over 4,000 fatalities are caused by a failure to yield every year, accounting for roughly 7% of accidents in the U.S.

When it comes to settling a claim for a red light accident, the negligent party’s representation may utilize your anxiety surrounding the process as a way to undervalue your claim for damages.

Red light accidents can be tricky to prove, as it can be easy for the negligent party to lie about how the chain of events unfolded unless witnesses or evidence are available. Your attorney will know what factors make the difference in the liable party’s willingness to pay and the appropriate amount of compensation to request.

Many injured claimants will accept their first settlement offer without pausing to consider the full cost of damages they will experience. Having your own attorney at your side not only makes settling your case easier but also reduces the risk that you’ll be left paying for medical appointments and other out-of-pocket costs months down the road.

Your lawyer will also help you manage each step of your claim, making the whole journey feel less overwhelming.

When working through a red light accident claim, a Bridgeport accident attorney can:

  • Oversee any and all necessary communication with outside parties: As the claim process unfolds, it is essential that the victim has a clear way to communicate with the parties involved, including the negligent party’s insurer or even legal representation. An attorney can speak on your behalf with all other entities involved, giving you all of the important information in a private meeting.
  • Investigate the evidence of the claim, including claims of negligence: Proving that another party holds responsibility for your injuries and expenses may be challenging in some cases, but an attorney can recognize important and valuable details that help prove fault.
  • Gather relevant evidence: There may be multiple forms of evidence available to establish that someone ran a red light, including tire marks at the scene, red light camera footage, witness statements, dash cams, and more. Your attorney will track down every available piece of evidence to help build your claim while proving the damages you have suffered.
  • Estimate the damages you have suffered in full: Tracking all expenses related to your care, recovery, vehicle repairs, and other damages can become overwhelming, and you may even overlook some key losses. Your attorney helps you calculate all damages you have suffered, and they can also project future losses related to follow-up care, long-term income reductions, and more.

What Typically Causes a Red Light Accident?

To a motorist following the rules of the road, it can be confusing to try and put together how someone could run through a red light and cause an accident. All accidents are different, but red light accidents most commonly happen because of a driver’s blatant negligence.

Further, while most collisions are truly accidents, running through a red light can be intentional, even if the crash wasn’t.

Some factors that may cause an accident at a traffic light include:

  • Distracted driving: A driver who isn’t paying full attention to the road puts all other motorists at risk when they operate a vehicle. An action as harmless as changing the music or talking to passengers can be just as dangerous as something like looking at your phone and texting.
  • Speeding: Racing down the street to get through the light that is about to turn red is a dangerous habit, but it’s a real danger that motorists must prepare for. Drivers that speed through the light at the last second can cause sudden accidents. If a reckless driver speeds through a red light, they pose a risk to all of the unsuspecting motorists that have the right of way.
  • Aggressive driving: An angry or otherwise aggressive driver is unpredictable and may put others at risk by neglecting the laws of the road, including traffic lights. At the front of the line for a light that’s about to change, it is best to wait an extra second to look both ways, just as pedestrians do before driving through a light, as you never know if others on the road are in the mood to take risks and run the light.
  • Poor visibility: Bad weather conditions or even damage like a cracked windshield can limit a driver’s visibility and distract them on the road. Every year, the U.S. sees almost 40,000 car crashes that result from weather conditions like fog. Many of these accidents still stem from careless drivers’ actions. They are supposed to slow down and take precautions during events like a blizzard.

How Can a Claimant Protect Their Own Case After a Collision?

When it comes to personal injury claims, time is of the essence. Remember that the scene of your accident will not be there forever, so it is important to have as much evidence as possible to relay back to during the investigation period of your claim.

The days following an accident can be the most important for collecting critical data for your claim. An attorney can take over many of the pressing tasks regarding litigation, but as a claimant, follow these steps to protect your own claim in the early stages:

  1. Always report the accident, preferably by calling 911 and having someone respond to the scene
  2. Talk with the responding officer after the accident and ask for a copy of your report
  3. Get prompt medical treatment, even if you aren’t sure if you’re hurt
  4. Never neglect follow-up care that has been suggested or ordered by a doctor
  5. Keep all documentation relating to the accident​
  6. Take photos and videos of your injuries and how they heal

It is also vital to speak to an attorney soon after you have received a medical diagnosis. Your lawyer will help you organize your claim while avoiding common mistakes that insurers hope to lure you into, such as by asking you to make a recorded statement. Avoid giving them more information they need, and protect your legal rights to seek full compensation by referring to an experienced red light accident lawyer in Bridgeport.

What Could My Settlement Look Like Following a Bridgeport Red Light Accident?

When fighting for an auto accident settlement, the most common damages to be reimbursed for include:

  • Medical bills and the cost of ongoing treatment
  • Physical therapy or other rehabilitation after being treated for injuries
  • Property damage
  • Limited or no ability to work
  • Pain and suffering, along with mental anguish and other emotional trauma

After an Accident, Don’t Wait to Call a Red Light Accident Law Firm

An accident can be a scary experience, but the expenses that result from the crash can be just as daunting to face. When the bills are in your name, but you know you aren’t to blame for the debts that have been incurred, it can be easier to take the quickest settlement offer you can get just to avoid the stress.

The negligent party may count on your fear to save a few bucks, but your attorney can be there to counter all attempts to undervalue your claim.

Some claimants may not realize that after a claim is settled, a victim may not go after the negligent party for reimbursement again, even if the original settlement does not cover the expense. An attorney’s main objective is to prevent a claimant from suffering later down the line after the settlement has been finalized so that all expenses, present and future, are covered.

A consultation with The Bert McDowell Law Firm comes at no cost to the accident victim and will leave you with no obligation to commit to any services. The goal of the first meeting is to work out a general plan for representing you as a client after reviewing the specific details of your case.

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