A side shot of a left turn accident lawyer reviewing a client's case on his laptop outside a building.Left turn accidents can be more nerve-wracking to execute than a simple right-hand turn because in order to complete one, a motorist must cross over multiple lanes. The injuries that result from a left-hand turn can be severe as these accidents can involve high speeds and a broadside or “t-bone” crash dynamic.

The injuries can be expensive to treat, leading to large debts caused by the accident.

The most common way to settle your debts from an auto accident in Bridgeport is by filing a damage recovery claim with the liable party’s insurer. A Bridgeport left turn accident lawyer can help you manage the process of your financial recovery as you seek compensation for your incurred damages.

The legal team from Bert McDowell Injury Law has been serving members of the Bridgeport community for years, processing claims and ensuring that accident claimants are not pressured into accepting less than they need by insurance representatives.

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What Are the Steps for Filing a Claim With a Bridgeport Left Turn Accident Attorney

You may see a handful of insurance claims in your lifetime, but an attorney will have seen countless claims before yours. They utilize that experience to protect you from common claim tactics from insurance adjusters.

A claim representative is responsible for reimbursing a claimant for expenses that their insured driver is liable for, but they aren’t responsible for ensuring that you walk away with a comprehensive payment. As a result, it can be tricky for the average person to know if every bill and expense has truly been covered by the settlement.

The steps for processing a left turn accident claim in Bridgeport are as follows:

  1. Retrieving the insurance information of the other motorist in the accident
  2. Reporting the accident to the allegedly liable party’s insurer
  3. Investigation of claims of negligence
  4. Valuing the related damages
  5. Negotiating a final settlement
  6. Preparing for a formal lawsuit if no settlement can be reached

How Will an Auto Accident Lawyer Support Me Through My Claim?

Processing an insurance claim alone can leave you at risk of falling for tactics to undervalue your claim and can leave a claimant stressed and second-guessing each step of the way. An attorney can help the victim of a left-turn car accident stay prepared and feel confident throughout the course of settling a damage claim, offering their experience and knowledge to raise the chances of a successful resolution.

While you are moving through the steps of filing a left turn accident claim, an attorney can provide:

  • Claim management from beginning to end: When you work with an attorney, you can be confident that every aspect of your claim, from major milestones to fine details, is being carefully managed. This can save a claimant precious time and relieve them from a portion of the stress regarding financial recovery.
  • Professional guidance and legal advice: Your attorney will be available to answer questions, recommend legal strategies, and advise you throughout the entire course of your claim. Their experience will help you understand all of your options while keeping you informed and in control of your case.
  • In-depth investigation of your accident: Attorneys can work with accident reconstructionists and other experts to gather evidence and demonstrate fault.
  • Accurate valuation of damages: Your attorney will be able to consult with doctors, medical billing experts, economists, and other parties in order to determine an appropriate amount of damages to request, including

What Mistakes Can I Avoid With the Help of a Left Turn Accident Attorney?

A car crash can feel like a shocking experience, especially for someone who has never been in one. Between the adrenaline of impact and the discombobulation of the aftermath, understanding what to do after an accident can be overwhelming.

In this sensitive time, auto accident victims can make certain detrimental mistakes that, unbeknownst at the time, will impact the outcome of their financial recovery.

A claimant can fall victim to many mistakes when processing their damage recovery claim, and some of the most common mistakes are as follows:

  • Apologizing for the accident: It can feel like an instinct to apologize for an accident when you are processing what just happened. Even if you are confident that your actions did not cause the crash, apologizing can compromise your claim’s value in a state of comparative negligence like Connecticut.
  • Trusting an insurance adjuster: After an accident, a claimant will work with a representative of the liable party’s insurer to finalize a settlement. This adjuster’s job is to pay you for the damages the liable party created, but they have no obligation to ensure that you are walking away with a comprehensive settlement. It is up to you to determine if the proposed settlement amount is enough to cover the present and future expenses that you bear, and an Bridgeport car crash attorney can guide you through this process.
  • Agreeing to release all medical records: Insurers may imply that they need medical records from the past few years to process your claim, but this is simply not true in the majority of cases. You are only required to submit medical documentation related to your injuries caused directly by the accident. Insurers are apt to, instead, go fishing for pre-existing conditions and other excuses to reduce your benefits by reviewing your entire medical history.
  • Waiting too long in between steps of filing: There is a statute of limitations on settling an auto accident insurance claim. In Connecticut, the claim must be filed within two years, and waiting too long in between each step can cause hiccups toward settling. For example, if new injuries present themselves down the line after months of delayed tasks, an insurance adjuster may be hesitant to pay. Your Bridgeport personal injury lawyer can manage the progression of each step for you.

How Can a Claimant Prepare to File?

The weeks after an auto accident claim can be the most impactful for gathering data and building an understanding of the events.

In this early stage of an accident claim, a crash victim should focus on resting for any physical injuries, but they can also begin to organize what information they do have. Having an orderly system for recording and filing data at the early stage of the claim process is a great way to ensure that nothing gets lost later, especially when your attorney is reviewing all of your related documents.

Even though an attorney can be a valuable resource in protecting the value of an auto accident insurance claim while the process is unfolding, a claimant can take many precautions in the early days following their accident that preserve the claim’s validity, including these tips:

  • Always report the accident, preferably by calling 911 at the scene
  • Have a medical professional treat injuries immediately
  • Follow doctor’s orders regarding follow-up care
  • Take photos of injuries and how they progress over the coming weeks
  • Document other damages from the accident with photos
  • Contact an attorney

What Are Some Common Injuries Associated With Left Turn Accidents?

Making a left turn takes more careful planning and precision than a simple right turn because the motorist must pass oncoming traffic to complete the full turn. The NHTSA reports that almost 6 million auto accidents happen at an intersection every year, and a great deal of those collisions include a driver making a left turn.

These accidents can lead to extreme injuries because they often lead to t-bone or head-on collisions, which can involve high speed and little protection. It is also reported that elders are more likely to endure an intersection accident, and their risk of severe injuries is even greater.

Some of the most common injuries treated after a left-turn accident include:

  • Head and neck injuries
  • Facial injuries
  • Shoulder and collarbone injuries
  • Broken or fractured ribs
  • Internal bleeding
  • Lumbar spine injuries
  • Hip injuries

After Facing a Serious Injury, Call a Bridgeport Left Turn Accident Law Firm for Help!

Getting into a car crash can be a difficult experience for an injury victim, leaving them with new debts and expenses to manage on top of the pain from their injuries. This overwhelming time is critical for a claimant to secure the well-being of their future finances.

An auto accident claim can be complex to manage, especially when you attempt to walk through the process without any help. When you work with a Bridgeport left turn accident law firm, you have a whole team of experienced professionals who are tasked with overseeing your case and ensuring that every aspect of your claim’s progression is in order.

Your initial consultation with Bert McDowell Injury Law is always free and leaves you with no obligation to continue with our services. Our goal is to better understand the specific details regarding the events of your accident and then put together a general course of action for representation.

This meeting is a perfect time to voice questions and concerns or get clarification on something you are uncertain about.

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