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The most serious personal injury cases result in the victim being left permanently disabled. This can be a partial disability to a person’s limb, brain, spinal cord damage, or even total paralysis. Connecticut state law does not differentiate between catastrophic or non-catastrophic injuries when determining fault or the causes of action available to plaintiffs. Still, plaintiffs in these cases should obtain representation that is serious about catering to their needs and holding at-fault parties responsible.

Do I Need a Bridgeport Catastrophic Injury Attorney?

A skilled personal injury lawyer at Bert McDowell Injury Law is prepared to help. Bridgeport catastrophic injury attorney, Bert McDowell, works with clients and their families to obtain the compensation they deserve for losses suffered due to the negligent or criminal acts of others. If you are ready to seek justice in your case, then Bring on Bert!

What Makes an Injury Catastrophic?

In simple language, a catastrophic injury is one from which a person will never make a full recovery. Prominent examples of these can involve:

A catastrophic injury can result from doing little more than one’s daily routine. Many personal injury lawsuits that are considered catastrophic injury cases are no different from any other personal injury case except for the seriousness of the injuries.

For example, the most common source of personal injury claims is car accidents.

It is vital to recognize that there is a limited time following an injury to demand compensation. Connecticut General Statute § 52-584 sets this limit at two years after most types of injuries. Speaking with a determined Bridgeport catastrophic injury lawyer now allows them to get to work.

What Damages May the Victim of a Catastrophic Injury Pursue?

The main basis of a catastrophic injury claim, as with any other personal injury claim, is the medical bills associated with the past treatment and future estimated costs of future medical care. When we combine this concept with the statute of limitations that controls when a plaintiff can bring a case forward, this creates a dilemma for the injured party.

A catastrophic injury claim must account for not just past costs but also the future impact of the injury. Therefore, a diligent catastrophic injury attorney in Bridgeport works with doctors and economists to create demand packages that consider:

  • Future medical costs
  • Home or car modifications
  • Lost earning power
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of qualify of life
  • Loss of consortium

A catastrophic injury claim is a collection of damages, some easily measurable and others not. A proactive Bridgeport catastrophic damage lawyer works with clients and their families to determine the full impact of the injuries and demand comprehensive financial recovery for all past and future effects.

Reach Out to a Bridgeport Catastrophic Injury Law Firm

Any catastrophic injury will change a person’s life forever. Not only will they require intensive medical treatment and therapy, but their economic future and quality of life will be in doubt. Whether the injury was suffered in an accident that was another’s fault or was the result of a criminal act, injured victims have the right to full recovery.

A tenacious Bridgeport catastrophic injury attorney at our firm takes the lead in claims against insurance companies and civil lawsuits against defendants. We fight to help people like you provide for the financial future of their families. Time is limited to file a claim. When you are ready, call Bert McDowell Injury Law to discuss your case.

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