If you were hurt in a crash with a reckless motor vehicle driver while riding your bicycle, it is understandable to be frightened and confused. Many drivers do not give bike riders the respect that they deserve while on the road, and as a result, collisions between drivers and bicyclists are common. Unfortunately, these wrecks can have harsh consequences for bike riders. Many bicyclists have only the minimal protection given by a helmet, and any impact that throws them to the pavement can cause severe injuries. An at-fault driver is always liable to provide compensation for losses sustained in these kinds of collisions. However, proving fault in a bicycle crash case can be complicated.

A Bridgeport bicycle accident attorney at Bert McDowell Injury Law can explain your rights as an injured cyclist. Then, your Bridgeport personal injury lawyer can investigate the circumstances of your case and collect the evidence necessary to hold the negligent party accountable in court or through a settlement claim.

Rules Concerning Proper Bike Usage

Bicycles offer many travelers a sense of freedom and mobility. However, with this freedom comes responsibility. Bike riders on public roads must follow all applicable traffic laws. For example, riding with the flow of the traffic and signaling all turns. In addition, all bicyclists share a responsibility to operate their bikes with all due care.

This concept of law, therefore, extends the common law ideas of negligence and duty to bike riders. All drivers take on a duty to protect all others on the road—including bicyclists—whenever they operate their vehicles. Thus, all drivers must operate their cars in a way that does not place a bike rider at an unreasonable risk of harm.

It follows that any bike rider injured in an incident that involves driver negligence has the right to pursue compensation. A diligent Bridgeport bike crash lawyer can help cyclists injured due to driver negligence demand monetary damages for their injuries. Connecticut General Statute § 52-584 gives plaintiffs in personal injury cases only two years from the date of injury to file a claim. Thus, it is vital to get in touch with an experienced attorney like Bert McDowell as soon as possible to protect one’s legal rights.

How Can a Bridgeport Bicycle Accident Attorney Help Me Recover Damages?

Any person injured in a bike wreck should be most concerned with their physical well-being. Indeed, all personal injury cases, bicycle accidents included, are centered around this physical harm. Common examples of physical injuries that result from bike collisions include:

• Severe cuts and scrapes
Broken bones
• Separated joints
Traumatic brain injuries

An at-fault driver is responsible for providing payments for all medical costs associated with the incident. However, while this must form the core of a bicycle accident claim, it is by no means the only source of financial recovery.

Many injured bicyclists also suffer other economic losses. It is not uncommon for injured individuals to lose time at work while they are recovering physically. Plaintiffs can demand that an at-fault defendant provide payments for this lost income. Additionally, the crux of a personal injury case is the noneconomic losses, this includes the pain and suffering, emotional, and mental trauma. An experienced bicycle accident attorney in Bridgeport could help to collect payments intended to make up for this loss of quality of life.

Speak with a Bridgeport Bicycle Accident Law Firm Now

A Bridgeport bicycle accident attorney can help you hold negligent drivers and their insurance companies responsible for their actions. This includes proving that a defendant driver was at fault for the accident, collecting evidence of the extent of your losses, and pressing for your rights in settlement talks and in court. Call today to schedule your free case review. If you are ready to pursue the compensation you deserve and hold the responsible party accountable, then Bring On Bert!

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