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$ 1,000,000
Head-On Collision Results in Driver’s Death

Our client was traveling home from work when another vehicle crossed the double yellow line and struck our client head-on. Insurance company tendered the entire policy.

$ 375,000
Illegal Left-Hand Turn Motorcycle Accident

A 27-year old male was riding his motorcycle, and another vehicle made a left turn in front of him, causing him to sustain wrists fractures.

$ 250,000
Drunk Driving Accident

A 21-year-old male was driving home from work when a drunk driver crashed into his vehicle. He sustained a small non-displaced fracture of his scapula.

$ 150,000
Premesis Liability Case

Injury to minor child in premises liability case.

Initial Insurance Offer: $70,000

$ 110,000
Pedestrian Accident

Elderly man was leaving his doctor’s appointment, and was struck by a vehicle, traveling at a low speed, in the parking lot. The elderly man suffered soft tissue injuries to his back and legs.

Initial Insurance Offer: $40,000

$ 100,000
Questionable Liability Pedestrian Accident

Our client was walking in the street, against traffic, and was struck by a vehicle. The police report showed that several people warned the gentleman not to walk in the street. He suffered multiples injuries to his legs and back. Insurance company tendered the entire policy.

Insurance Initial Offer: No pay

$ 100,000
Rear End Car Accident

Our client was traveling on the highway, and as she slowed down for traffic ahead, a second vehicle struck her from the rear, pushing her car into the next lane. She suffered injuries to her back, and increased anxiety. Insurance company tendered the entire policy.

$ 110,000
Rear End Car Accident on I-95

Our client was traveling in the first lane, when the defendant struck the rear of her car, causing her neck injuries.

$ 50,000
Passenger in Car Accident

Our client, a minor, was seated in the driver’s seat of a vehicle. Thereafter, his vehicle turned left in front of a second vehicle, and was struck on the passenger’s side, where he was sitting. Our client suffered lacerations to his face. The insurance company of the vehicle he was in, and the insurance company of the second vehicle tendered their entire policy.

$ 40,000
Low-Impact Sideswipe Car Accident

A 32-year old woman was driving her vehicle, when she sideswiped on a residential roadway. She sought medical treatment for a few months and made a full recovery.

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