Many enjoy riding motorcycles for fun, as a social activity, or just for the feeling of freedom on the open road. While these vehicles present a unique opportunity for good times and thrills, the flip side is the unique dangers you face when riding a motorbike. You have no seat belts, air bags, or other safety features to protect you if a negligent driver runs into you. This leaves you extremely susceptible to possible catastrophic injuries from otherwise minor accidents.

Do I Need a Bridgeport Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

If you were injured in a collision with a negligent driver, allow a qualified Bridgeport motorcycle accident attorney to assist you. An experienced Bridgeport personal injury lawyer at Bert McDowell Injury Law understands the unique aspects of motorbike crashes and how to pursue compensation in your specific case. Call today.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Collisions

Although motorcycles can be lots of fun, they are also dangerous due to the negligence of others. Another driver’s poor choices, reckless behavior, or failure to follow traffic laws could do incredible damage in a collision. Even when a motorcyclist does everything right, they can be horribly injured and suffer devastating losses.

Common causes of Bridgeport motorcycle accidents include:

  • Defective parts or tires on the motorcycle
  • Intoxicated or distracted drivers
  • Failure to check blind spots
  • Loose and slippery substances on the road
  • Vehicles that run stop signs or red lights
  • Tailgating by other drivers
  • Collisions with objects, signs, and other stationary items

These along with various other hazards exist that put motorcyclists at risk for major injuries. When someone else is responsible for their damages, an injured person has a right to speak with a Bridgeport motorcycle wreck attorney and seek full financial recovery.

Extreme Injuries in Motorbike Crashes

Motorcyclists are prone to extreme injuries. This is primarily due to the few protections offered by the bike itself. During a collision, riders are usually thrown from the bike or it collapses on top of them. Their only protection is a helmet or any other protective gear they choose to wear.

As a result, dangerous and often deadly injuries can result from a motorcycle wreck. These might include, but are not limited to:

When a rider faces such horrific and life-altering injuries, they deserve to have a committed Bridgeport motorbike collision lawyer on their side. Seasoned legal professional, Bert McDowell, can investigate a specific case and help an injured person fight for the comprehensive compensation they are owed.

Time Limitations for Filing Bridgeport Motorcycle Wreck Claims

Motorcycle accidents are usually filed as personal injury claims. This means they must be filed within two years from the date of the accident according to General Statutes of Connecticut § 52-584. This timeframe is strict and could result in the dismissal of the case if it is filed after that time frame.

Dismissal could mean that the injured person cannot receive monetary awards, even if a timely filing would have resulted in a successful case. Every injured motorcyclist should reach out to a skilled Bridgeport attorney as soon as possible after a collision to avoid any risk that their claim will be filed too late.

Confer with a Bridgeport Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

Motorcycle wrecks leave thousands badly hurt every year. When you are one of them, you need proper representation to help you. It takes certain evidence to prove who caused the accident and the extent of your injuries. This requires extensive knowledge and experience working with similar cases.

Let a well-practiced Bridgeport motorcycle accident attorney fight for you. If you are ready to get started on your claim, then Bring on Bert!

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