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A car accident victim reaching for her back because of pain caused by an injury.The city of Hartford has seen over 5000 car accidents a year in the past three years. And while a majority of people walk away from these events with minor to no injuries, thanks to modern safety procedures and standards, not everyone is quite so lucky.

The city has seen 61 fatalities as a result of car accidents since 2020. Among those who survived, there have been 302 suspected serious injuries and 3,529 suspected minor injuries.

Applying findings of the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistics Center that approximately 39% of these accidents involve spinal injuries, we can expect a number of nearly 1,500 injuries along the back and neck area over a span of three years in the state capital of Connecticut.

Those unfortunate enough to fall within that statistic would benefit from the services of a competent car accident injury lawyer.

Seek Compensation With a Hartford Neck & Back Car Accident Injury Attorney

Car accidents are incredibly unsettling events that can affect victims both physically and mentally. The more serious the accident, the greater the stress that medical bills, lost wages, and other damages can add on top of having to suffer the injuries themselves.

Car accident injury attorneys help clients through these difficult events and situations by providing a path toward recovering well-being and financial security.

Here’s why our attorneys at Bert McDowell Injury Law are invaluable after an accident:

  • We help you understand the extent of your damages. We accurately assess the value of your claims, including future medical expenses, lost income and earning ability, pain, and suffering, accounting for every possible loss you have, even when the insurance company would otherwise try to convince you that you cannot include them in your claim.
  • We navigate the legal system for you. There is no good reason for you to bear the burden of the legal process on your own, especially when you should be prioritizing your recovery, so we’ll handle it in your stead.
  • We can bring your case to court. This is often a last resort, and most cases do not reach trial, as a settlement is more often preferable for all parties involved compared to the cost and duration of litigation.

Common Neck & Back Injuries in Car Accidents

The human body is incredibly tough, able to resist and even recover from more pain and injury than most people think. However, the speeds and weights involved in car accidents can put more strain on the body than it can take.

The neck, in particular, is built for stability rather than strength. As a result, its muscles are smaller and more intricate than the core and back, which makes it vulnerable during sudden jolts and changes in direction.

Meanwhile, the back is a complicated, multi-layered structure that bears the weight of the upper body. While this implies sturdiness, the fact that it is already bearing a load 100% of the time means suddenly adding more on top of that can lead to compression and strain.

The lower back is prone to injury more than other parts of the spine, as well. This is because its natural curve benefits from less muscle support compared to the upper back.

Neck Injuries

Sudden forces involved in a car accident often lead to neck injuries, the nature of which varies based on how these forces were applied. The muscles, ligaments, and bones in the neck can easily suffer damage when exposed to jerking motions or, sometimes, physical objects flying around.

Neck injuries can be minor inconveniences, or they can be long-term problems. Here are some of the most common neck injuries accident victims sustain.

  • Whiplash: Statistically speaking, whiplash is the most common neck injury suffered in a car accident. Whiplash is caused by rapid extension and flexion of the neck caused by the momentum of the head and frequently causes neck pain, stiffness, dizziness, headaches, and blurred vision, among other uncomfortable conditions.
  • Neck Sprains and Strains: When muscles and/or ligaments stretch beyond their normal limits, they can tear, resulting in a sprain or a strain. The most obvious symptom is an unmistakable pain at the site of the injury, though this is also often accompanied by tenderness and difficulty moving the neck.
  • Herniated Discs: These are ruptures or bulges in the intervertebral discs, pushing them out of place. This injury applies pressure against nearby nerves, triggering pain, numbness, and/or partial or total lack of function in limbs.
    • These types of injuries can occur along the back as well as the neck.

Back Injuries

Because the neck and back are different parts of the same spinal column, they share many of the same risks of injury. As before, the severity of these injuries can range from mildly concerning to life-altering.

  • Lumbar Sprains: Sprains in the lower back are usually accompanied by muscle spasms along with the typical pain and stiffness associated with them. These are the most common back injuries in car accidents on account of the lumbar spine bearing the majority of the body’s weight (exacerbated by seatbelt dynamics, which, while life-saving, apply pressure across the hips and pelvic area).
  • Compression Fractures: These types of breaks in the bone occur when one or more vertebrae are deformed, cracked, or crushed by the force of a collision. As with all broken bone injuries, compression fractures are painful, in the worst of cases, preventing movement and even causing permanent misalignments of the spine.
  • Spondylolisthesis: This is a condition where one vertebra slips out of place entirely. It usually develops over time, but car accidents can accelerate its development.

Avoiding Neck and Back Injuries in Car Accidents

There is no guaranteed way to avoid accidents, and there is no surefire way to avoid injuries associated with accidents; if there were, then no one would ever be injured after all. However, there are ways to minimize the risk of injury as well as the severity of those that one fails to avoid.

  • Seatbelt Usage: Proper seatbelt usage is the single best method of protecting your spine, neck, and head in the event of a car accident. Whenever in a vehicle, make sure that the shoulder strap fits snugly across the chest and the lap belt sits across your hips and not your waist.
  • Posture and Ergonomics: For both passenger and driver, good posture distributes weight evenly on the seat and supports your spinal column. Find a position you are comfortable in and maintain it by making minor shifts in your weight whenever you experience discomfort.
      • Generally, you want your knees bent only slightly so you can reach the pedals and with some slack in your arms so they can relax. You should be positioned so you do not have to stretch to reach the steering column, and you should have a full view of your instrument panel.
  • General Driving Safety: Avoiding accidents means avoiding situations that risk injury in the first place. Be sure to follow the rules of the road, keeping a safe following distance, avoiding distractions, and keeping traffic laws in mind.
      • In line with this, it is vital to always be in your best condition when taking control of a vehicle, so look for a designated rest stop and take a break when you start feeling tired. Rest stops also give you the opportunity to get out and stretch your legs during long drives to prevent stiffness and back pain.
  • Regular Exercise: Strong core muscles in your abdomen and back provide your spine with support, so exercising them helps make your vertebrae more resistant to impacts and sudden forces. Staying fit also improves your stamina and your reaction time, both of which are valuable assets in the event of a crash.

Again, while these tips will not guarantee you will never get in an accident – or that you will not get injured in one – they do increase your chances of coming out on top in the event you are exposed to the risk of injury. If, however, you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being hurt in an accident, our attorneys at Bert McDowell Injury Law are here for you.

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