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A vehicle turned upside-down and stuck in place after a rollover accident on a highway.A rollover accident is a crash where one or all vehicles flip over, usually onto the hood or side of the car. This event can happen when a car’s weight tips to one side or the other during a crash, and it’s extremely hazardous for those inside the vehicle.

The expenses that follow a Hartford vehicle rollover accident can leave a financial strain on the victim of the crash. Initiating and managing the process of financially recovering from an auto accident caused by another driver’s negligence can be frustrating and time-consuming. This situation forces the injured crash victim to choose between prioritizing their physical or financial well-being, but legal aid is out there.

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What Tasks Can a Hartford Vehicle Rollover Accident Attorney Manage On Behalf Of Their Client?

A vehicle may roll onto its back or side because of a collision or an abrupt maneuver, but it can even happen in clear driving conditions due to factors like improper weight distribution, insufficient tire grip, or driver error.

A rollover accident can jeopardize the structural integrity of a vehicle, risking serious injuries and other damages. Finding money to pay your medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses can be tough, which is why attorneys are available to help.

There are many steps to completing an auto accident claim, and the process of settling financial burdens associated with the crash can be time-consuming. Your attorney knows that managing your vehicle rollover accident recovery includes more than rehabilitating your finances

A Hartford vehicle rollover accident lawyer can lighten the weight of the claims process, allowing you to focus on the importance of your physical recovery while still protecting your financial future.

As your legal guide through the steps of financially recovering from an auto accident, your vehicle rollover accident attorney can:

  • Organize evidence for damage valuation: During auto accident recovery, the claimant may accumulate a mountain of seemingly meaningless paperwork regarding the crash. In order to accurately value the worth of an accident claim, there must be valid documentation that records expenses and debts. Your attorney will sort through everything and compile a file of important evidence that may impact the outcome of your claim.
  • Manage communication with other parties: To efficiently settle an auto accident claim, there must be an open line of communication between all parties and their representation. Your attorney will handle communication with the liable driver’s insurance representative, and you can direct communication with any other third party to your lawyer as well.   
  • Negotiate the final settlement: Finalizing your settlement includes more than the initial valuation of damages. Following the determination of your claim’s value is a formal negotiation where all parties must agree on a compensatory amount. This task can be a cause of anxiety for claimants with limited experience, as insurance adjusters are skilled in undervaluing claims and pressuring claimants into settling for lowball offers.
  • Prepare a formal declaration of a lawsuit if it becomes necessary: Not every case will reach this step, but there are many instances in which a claimant may seek damage recovery through a formal lawsuit. If a motorist’s auto insurance coverage cannot cover the comprehensive value of the damages sustained in the accident or if they possess no auto accident insurance at all, an attorney may advise settling in a lawsuit.

What Are the Typical Steps to Filing an Auto Accident Claim?

Generally, a person will only experience a handful of auto accident claims within their lifetime. Inexperience with the process can leave a claimant at risk of making common mistakes and falling for traps to undervalue the worth of a settlement.

Your attorney will be your experienced advisor, someone to turn to when you are concerned or confused about a step of litigation. A vehicle rollover accident lawyer in Hartford will know how to combat any attempts to downplay your accident experience, and they can advocate for your best interest as a claimant.

The standard order of steps for filing and completing an auto accident insurance claim in Connecticut is as follows:

  • Report the accident with the alleged liable party’s insurance company and contact an attorney
  • Share and review evidence regarding the events of the crash
  • Thorough valuation of all related damages
  • Settling the claim through a final negotiation

Injuries Associated With Vehicle Rollover Accidents

An accident has the potential of leaving the victim with serious injuries. A rollover accident can be especially dangerous because of how the stability and integrity of the vehicle is compromised.

The costs associated with treating these injuries can be almost as painful, too.  In 2021, motor-vehicle-related injuries were estimated to cost nearly $500 billion.

It is essential that those involved in a rollover vehicle accident immediately seek medical attention for a physical assessment. Injuries can take a while to present after an accident, but the sooner they are treated, the better.

The most frequently treated injuries that medical professionals see after a vehicle rollover accident are:

  • Head and brain injuries
  • Neck and spine injuries
  • Seatbelt and airbag-related injuries
  • Internal bleeding
  • Chest trauma
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Fractures, dislocations, and broken bones
  • Lacerations and abrasions
  • Psychological trauma

How Do Rollover Accidents Happen?

When a car loses stability and is unable to stay supported upright, the vehicle can roll onto its side or roof. A rollover accident poses a great risk to the passengers involved.

These accidents may be less common than other types of accidents, but they often result in serious consequences. It is important for a driver to understand how small factors like weight, tire health, and road conditions can affect their safety on the road.

A rollover accident happens when the weight distribution is unbalanced, causing a vehicle to flip over.

The following list of factors are common causes of rollover accidents:

  • Tripping hazards: Obstructions in the road can cause a vehicle to flip if it is traveling at a fast enough speed. If a car hits a median, guardrail, or other object, the weight will redistribute and possibly tip the car onto its side or roof.
  • High-speed turns: A fast turn around a sharp corner can cause a car to flip onto its side. High-speed turns can suddenly cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle, risking a serious accident.
  • Sudden maneuvers: Any quick and harsh movement can be hazardous. An abrupt maneuver such as swerving to avoid an object in the road can cause the vehicle to lose control.
  • Tire blowouts: A tire can blow out for many reasons, some of the most common being underinflation of the tire, potholes, overloading, and having old tires. A tire blowout will cause a vehicle to suddenly lose control and can cause a rollover accident.
  • Overloaded vehicle: A vehicle that is holding too much extra weight or has been packed too heavily on one side can flip over during a turn or if the car hits a tipping hazard.

If You Have Been Injured in a Recent Crash, Call a Hartford Vehicle Rollover Accident Law Firm

Experiencing a car accident can create a stressful chain of events for those involved, especially when the crash results from the actions of another driver. Even the most cautious of motorists can endure an accident, but Connecticut law gives these victims the right to seek monetary compensation from the negligent party or their auto insurer.

Working with an attorney can be a surefire way of saving yourself time and energy while safeguarding your ability to claim all compensation that applies.

The Bert McDowell Law Firm has associates waiting to help you schedule your initial consultation with an attorney. At this meeting, you and your lawyer will review the details of your crash, put together a general course of action for proceeding with a claim, and allow you the chance to share your questions or concerns.

Our firm does not charge any fee for the initial consultation, nor will we charge any upfront fees for auto accident claim representation services. Instead, we only take a small, agreed-upon percentage of your final settlement once the claim has concluded.

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