Hartford Improperly Loaded Cargo Accidents

A lawyer in his office preparing for a client's improperly loaded cargo accident claim.With so much demand, it is no surprise that the American cargo system works hard to make its deliveries. But with so much demand comes many trucks on the road, increasing the chance that they are carrying improperly loaded cargo, putting you and others at risk.

Pickup trucks are also more popular than ever, enabling amateurs who don’t know the first thing about securing cargo to ruin someone’s day when their tossed-in materials suddenly end up all of the road.

No matter the conditions of the road or the load they are carrying, drivers have to ensure that the load is secured and appropriately configured at all times. Improperly loaded cargo creates dangerous and potentially deadly driving circumstances, leaving the most catastrophic of accidents with deadly results.

You may have a claim for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages if you were involved in an accident and injured because of a negligently loaded cargo. At Bert McDowell Injury Law, we have seen more than just a case or two involving accidents caused by negligence.

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How an Improperly-Loaded Cargo Accident Attorney Helps Build Your Case

Drivers, whether residents or out-of-town commercial truckers, use the roads in Hartford to transport themselves or their valued cargo. Many of these roads force us to share them with trucks and other types of vehicles, large and small, carrying cargo.

However, one mistake or negligent act in loading the cargo appropriately may cause a world of a headache.

In the aftermath of an accident, the added weight of the cargo causes more damage to property and injuries to all involved. A vehicular accident of this magnitude is terrifying to all parties affected by the crash.

Many are left in pain, injured, and in a state of shock as they watch the aftermath of the accident unfold. In some cases, this leaves drivers with critical, if not fatal, injuries.

A collision with another car is already confusing enough. Still, when the other party operates a truck, many find it difficult to know what they have rights to claim and how to navigate their case.

When you hire an attorney who knows Connecticut law, you are adding a valuable asset that will present, negotiate, and find a way to settle your claim. A lawyer by your side is vital to knowing the steps as you navigate this process, whether it be:

  • Collecting and reviewing evidence
  • Calculating medical expenses incurred and any future ones
  • Documenting your lost wages, pain and suffering, and other additional damages
  • Acting as your legal representative through any correspondence, negotiations, and court dates, if needed.

Unlike when you handle your case alone, when you choose to work with an attorney who is well-seasoned with similar claims, you can expect quality legal care and representation until you reach a desirable settlement amount.

Victims who choose to handle their claims on their own risk losing out on compensation that they otherwise would have received if they had worked with an attorney from the start. Your attorney is the support you need as you navigate a claims process.

They will be responsible for reviewing documents, medical bills, and evidence related to your case, building a solid claim, serving as your representative, and fighting on your behalf if your claim goes to court.

Identifying Liability

Getting to the bottom of who was responsible for the accident is key to settling to compensate you for your losses. Your attorney will look into what happened and review key evidence, like the police report, pictures, and witness statements, to understand precisely what happened and who the negligent party was.

One cannot file a claim if one cannot prove that a negligent party was responsible for one’s injuries. Your lawyer will carefully review what happened and document why the other party is responsible for your injuries.

An improperly loaded cargo attorney will gather all applicable evidence and investigate who was at fault.

Although cargo placement should be reviewed by the driver before every trip, multiple handlers work on any given load, possibly indicating that multiple parties were responsible for the crash.

Federal regulations require truck drivers to inspect their cargo multiple times before reaching their destination.

They must check cargo:

  • Before beginning their route
  • Before starting a new driving period
  • During the first 50 miles of their trip
  • Either at 3-hour intervals or every 150 miles, whichever comes first

What Is Considered Improperly-Loaded Cargo?

Improperly loaded cargo can make driving the truck difficult, changing its center of gravity and creating an environment where its operation becomes hazardous for all using the road.

Multiple parties review cargo before a truck is ready to depart on its journey, so an accident because of improperly loaded cargo can indicate an act of negligence at any given point. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) found that 56.3% of large truck crashes resulted from improperly positioned cargo.

In addition, the act of negligence from a driver increases the odds that there will be a crash. They act negligently when they:

  • Drive when tired (drowsy)
  • Drive while under the influence (drugs or alcohol)
  • Speed and use aggressive maneuvers while on the road

All of these acts of negligence are leading contributors that exacerbate the already dangerous situation, resulting quickly in jackknife or rollover accidents.

The Difference Between a Jackknife and Rollover Accident

Any car accident involving a truck can lead to devastating results. However, car accidents caused by improperly loaded cargo more commonly result in jackknife or rollover accidents.

Jackknife Truck Accident

One of the most dangerous types of accidents involving trucks is a jackknife accident. In these situations, the trailer and the cabin, which makes up the truck, fold in half until both parts separate.

As a result, the truck is left in a V shape, forming almost perfect 90-degree angles on the road.

The cause of this type of accident is a loss of alignment between the trailer and the cabin. The misalignment causes the trailer to sway from side to side until the imbalance shifts any unsecured loads and the truck’s weight.

These accidents typically obstruct the road, as the trailer will cause the driver to lose control of the truck. Any unsecured items inside the truck can create a hazardous situation for all sharing the road at the time.

Rollover Trucking Accident

Any type of rollover accident can lead to deadly results. In a truck-related rollover accident, a truck loses its balance while operating, eventually flipping to its side.

Trucks typically slow down when preparing to bank a turn since their center of gravity differs from a usual car. However, when there is improperly loaded cargo in the trailer, it will impact the truck’s ability to bank a turn safely.

A higher center of gravity or sudden shift in load can cause these massive trucks to unexpectedly topple over, often snarling up others in their wake.

The National Library of Medicine discovered that these accidents are more likely to happen when a driver banks a curve at high speeds.

Taking on curves changes the center of gravity of the truck, and typically, lower speed limits are placed to ensure that trucks can navigate these curves safely. But when they have not adequately secured their cargo, the change in the center of gravity does not allow the truck to smoothly take the turn, making it lean to one side so severely it eventually topples and “rolls over.”

Rollover accidents, like jackknife accidents, may potentially take over an entire roadway, blocking traffic and making it difficult for emergency personnel to arrive on the scene. This creates a situation where those who are hurt may receive delayed medical attention, risking worsening the condition of their injuries, especially those that are life-threatening.

Types of Injuries From Improperly-Loaded Cargo Accidents

Car accidents involving trucks usually have more severe injuries and property damage than an accident with a similar-sized car. Trucks are much larger and weigh significantly more than a car, leaving drivers in the other car helpless as they take on the impact.

Injuries that commonly result from truck-related accidents include:

  • Broken bones
  • Internal bleeding
  • Burns and lacerations
  • Head injuries
  • Spinal injuries

Victims will need immediate medical attention and, in some cases, medical intervention to save their lives or prevent permanent disabilities.

Connecticut’s Statute of Limitations for Truck Accidents

There are laws in Connecticut to limit the timeframe for filing personal injury cases in the court system. Best known as the Statute of Limitations, these laws were created to push filers to seek compensation and a satisfying settlement within a reasonable time.

In Connecticut, the statute of limitations is only two years. Still, a limited timeframe may create a tight negotiation deadline, limiting the available attempts to settle your claim.

Reaching out to a Hartford attorney as soon as possible is crucial to provide as much time as possible to gather and analyze evidence before requesting compensation through a claim.

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Our sole goal is to help you repay all medical bills, lost wages, vehicle repairs, and other losses — including your own personal pain and suffering — through an adequate settlement. We promise to fight hard and explore every option when seeking the compensation you need to recover.

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