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A closeup of a black vehicle with a crumpled rear end after another vehicle turned into it and caused a collision.An accident caused by a careless u-turn or during a legitimate one may leave the victim with significant injuries and property damage to recuperate from. A Hartford U-turn car accident lawyer can be a valuable resource in managing the steps of that process.

In Connecticut, a person hurt by the actions of another driver on the road can file an auto accident claim with the responsible party’s insurance, seeking compensation for appropriate damages. Your attorney will oversee the stages of your U-turn accident claim, representing your best interest at all points of your financial recovery.

The Bert McDowell Law Firm has been a dedicated legal office in the Hartford community for years. We support accident victims like yourself through the necessary legal proceedings to regain financial stability after being affected by the negligent actions of another motorist. Representation is a call away.

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What Mistakes Can a Hartford U-Turn Car Accident Attorney Help You Avoid?

A motorist will make a U-turn when they need to reverse the direction they are driving in. When a driver attempts to make a U-turn, they must ensure they have enough space and visibility to do so without hindering the flow of traffic.

U-turns are only legal at some intersections, but sometimes, ignoring signs restricting the maneuver can be convenient. An accident can happen anywhere on the road, and a U-turn accident can have serious consequences for those involved.

Filing an auto accident claim involves a standardized process, but managing the ins and outs of each task can be frustrating. When you aren’t familiar with the details of the claim process, you could fall victim to some common mistakes that have the potential to jeopardize a claim’s value.

An attorney can offer guidance throughout the course of your financial recovery, helping you avoid putting your claim at risk.

Some of the most common mistakes that Hartford U-turn car accident victims can make as they settle a damage recovery insurance claim include:

  • Waiting too long to complete the tasks of litigation: The injuries, property damage, and other related repercussions that an auto accident victim may suffer can create a financial burden that feels impossible to lighten. It can be easier to ignore the debts of the accident for as long as possible, but putting your financial recovery on the back burner can only be detrimental in the long run.
  • Falling for attempts to undervalue your claim: The claim adjuster assigned to your case by the liable party’s insurer is not responsible for ensuring that you walk away with a comprehensive settlement that accounts for every damage applicable. During the negotiation, an adjuster may open with a lowball offer to discourage a claimant, leaving them uncertain about the value of their claim. Your attorney will help you confidently understand your claim’s true worth, including the costs of all projected future care and losses.
  • Failing to collect proper evidence: In order to accurately value an auto accident claim, it is critical that the claimant keep a record of every expense incurred as a result of the accident. A lawyer can help you think outside of the box when accounting for your related expenses so that you have a valid claim to all present and even possible future debts resulting from the accident.

How Do Most U-Turn Accidents Happen?

A successful U-turn requires coordination with the flow of traffic around you. An accident could happen for almost any reason, but some elements can be more likely to cause danger.

A U-turn collision can occur even in zones that permit the maneuver.

The following list includes some of the most frequently cited factors that cause a U-turn accident on the road:

  • Making too wide of a turn: At an intersection with two left turning lanes, the innermost lane may permit U-turns. In this situation, a motorist must avoid making a wide turn, which could cause a collision with the side of another vehicle.
  • Driver not yielding to the right of way: This could be the fault of the driver making a U-turn or the other motorist traveling in the same direction. If a left turn lane has a green light and a driver turning right at the adjacent light does not see the vehicle making a U-turn, they will be held liable for not yielding to the flow of traffic.
  • Distracted driving: Operating a vehicle requires strict focus and attention. Distracted driving is a common habit, especially in seasoned drivers who feel confident in their ability to multitask. The NHTSA reports that in 2021, distracted driving killed over 3,500 people. In a U-turn accident, distracted driving can cause a motorist to lose control of the wheel or even fail to yield to traffic.
  • Making an illegal U-turn: In most states, the absence of a “no U-turn” sign means that the maneuver is legal. Some intersections prohibit drivers from making U-turns because of how tight the space is, but a driver may ignore the sign in an attempt to make a U-turn anyway.
  • Failing to see a turning driver: In rare instances, the person making the U-turn could be considered not at fault, especially when they were free and clear to turn, but another driver entered their lane despite their maneuver being visible.

Determining Who Is at Fault in a Hartford U-Turn Accident

One of the first things an accident victim should do once they are safe and in a comfortable location is report the crash to the other driver’s insurance company. They will then assign a claim adjuster to the case, and they’ll be tasked with reviewing the details of your accident and accepting or denying the other driver’s liability.

Connecticut follows a comparative negligence clause regarding auto accidents, which means that every driver will be assigned a portion of the responsibility. To seek out compensation from another driver for damages sustained in an accident, a motorist must be deemed less than 51% at fault.

The actions of an allegedly negligent driver must meet the four points of negligence to be considered liable for an accident:

  • Duty of care
  • Breach of duty
  • Causation
  • Injury

Where Are U-Turns Illegal?

Generally, U-turns are legal wherever there is not an explicit sign prohibiting the action. U-turns can be dangerous at some intersections, threatening to clog up traffic if motorists attempt the maneuver in such a compact lane.

In Connecticut, a U-turn in the opposite direction upon a curve is illegal or in a situation where another driver cannot see the vehicle from 100 feet away. A motorist must have clear visibility and an open clearing to perform a U-turn at an intersection.

What Should a Motorist Do After a Hartford U-Turn Accident

An accident may be a shocking experience for a motorist and any passengers involved, but the following tips can be useful for gathering the proper evidence necessary when filing a damage recovery claim:

  • Cooperate with responding officers and other emergency services
  • Seek medical attention for injuries
  • Document the scene of the crash
  • Take photos of your injuries and update how they heal
  • Follow doctor’s orders regarding reset and follow-up care
  • Report the accident with the liable party’s insurer as soon as possible
  • Call an attorney for legal guidance

What Are the Steps of an Auto Accident Insurance Claim?

A claimant will have their own tasks to complete in order to process a damage recovery claim efficiently.

While the steps of an insurance claim seem straightforward, it takes thorough oversight to ensure that the claimant’s best interests are accounted for. Your attorney will review the findings of the claim adjuster and conduct their own investigation to make sure that the value of your case is not being compromised.

An auto accident attorney can help you organize your responsibilities in completing the following tasks for litigation:

  • Filing the initial report
  • Review of the details regarding the crash
  • Valuation of the related damages
  • Negotiation for final settlement
  • Possible lawsuit preparation

Call a Hartford U-Turn Car Accident Law Firm if You Have Experienced a Recent Crash

A car accident can be a stressful experience, especially when you have been affected by someone else’s actions on the road. A safe and cautious driver can still endure a serious accident with injurious effects.

Hiring an attorney can be an effective way to save yourself time and energy while asserting your rights to seek the full value of damages you have suffered. Associates from The Bret McDowell Law Firm are standing by to help you schedule your initial consultation to meet with a U-turn car accident lawyer.

An initial consultation is a key opportunity for a U-turn car accident victim to ask any questions or voice any concerns about the upcoming legal process. Your lawyer will be able to personalize their response to your inquiries based on the specifics of your case.

The Bert McDowell Law Firm does not charge any upfront fees for auto accident claim representation. Instead, we will only be paid by a small, agreed-upon percentage of your final settlement.

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