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Two drivers caught in an argument after a collision caused by an unsafe lane change.Unsafe lane changes happen when a driver fails to wait for a proper opening before attempting to merge into another lane. These accidents can lead to injuries and property damage, with the effects of the crash potentially causing a chain reaction involving three or more vehicles.

Attorneys act as a valuable resource when seeking the damages you need after an unsafe lane change accident. Your attorney efficiently manages the steps of litigation, helps you organize your documentation, and offers guidance where applicable.

Their main goal is to raise your chances of receiving all applicable compensation, covering all of the damages you have suffered.

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How Does a Hartford Unsafe Lane Change Accident Attorney Determine Negligence?

Filing an insurance claim with the liable party’s insurance company is the most common course of action when seeking to recover financially after an accident. An attorney can manage this legal process on your behalf, helping you seek the maximum compensation possible while raising your chances of a successful claim.

With their experience in handling cases like yours, they will understand how to deal with insurers, including what factors representatives look for when weighing the value of a claim.

The first step of settling an insurance claim is reporting the accident to the appropriate insurer. Once a motorist opens a report with the alleged liable party’s carrier, they will promptly assign a claim adjuster.

The adjuster reviews the details of the accident, and they recommend that the company either accept or deny liability for the damages. They will also value the extent of the damages.

Claimants may not know this, but they are allowed to have a say during this process. They can present their own evidence of fault, and they are able to submit evidence arguing for a different valuation than the adjuster initially came to.

Determining negligence in Hartford can be more complex than assigning all of the blame to one driver. Connecticut is a comparative negligence state, which means that every driver involved in an accident will be given a percentage of the blame.

Everyone will pay out to each claimant according to their assigned portion of the damages. However, only those who hold less than 51% of responsibility can seek compensation for their own incurred damages.

When Is a Lawsuit Necessary After an Accident?

Not every accident victim will need to file a lawsuit in order to seek the compensation they need. Most often, they will be able to resolve the process through the insurer.

The insurer will make a settlement offer for the claimant, who agrees to waive any right to seek further compensation for the incident in exchange.

However, insurers don’t always accept the full amount of liability the injured party needs them to. Often, an insurer will look for ways to deny coverage, such as for specific medical treatments.

The insurer may even dispute fault or find some other reason to deny that their policyholder is responsible for the accident.

Essentially, a lawsuit is the final attempt to recover a reasonable settlement for damages. Generally, it is only necessary when insurers refuse to settle.

A lawsuit may be a productive means of seeking compensation for costs associated with an unsafe lane change accident when the negligent driver is:

  • Uninsured
  • Underinsured
  • In disagreement about fault

Additionally, a lawsuit may benefit the injured party by giving them the ability to request certain evidence through the process of discovery. Refer to your attorney to determine if suing the at-fault party is the best strategy for recovering the compensation you need.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer to Settle My Unsafe Lane Change Accident Claim?

The injuries and property damage that the victim of an unsafe lane change accident may endure will have hefty consequences. Those impacted by the actions of another driver on the road can file an insurance claim with that individual’s auto insurance company to relieve the expenses associated with the accident, but it is the claimant’s responsibility to demonstrate all appropriate damages.

An attorney can organize your claim and document evidence of your damages as well as fault. An insurance claimant is not required to utilize professional services when settling their claim, but the representing insurance company will be taking full advantage of resources provided by their own hired representatives.

While you may have little to no experience in handling claims, they will. That’s why it’s often prudent to hire your own experienced legal representative.

Your attorney will help you look out for your own legal and financial interests, providing the following:

  • Investigation of your crash event, including its causes and who was at fault
  • Identification of all appropriate forms of compensation to seek
  • Guidance throughout every step of the claims process
  • Experienced Legal Counsel to help you manage your strategy and receive answers to your burning questions
  • Valuation of damages in full, including all projected future medical costs
  • Research of cases similar to yours, including legal arguments and other factors that impacted success
  • Aggressive negotiation with all insurers and other liable parties
  • Preparation for a possible lawsuit or jury trial, helping you explore all options for seeking the compensation you need

What Typically Causes an Unsafe Lane Change?

An accident can happen anywhere on the road, including during a simple lane change. Lane changes are one of the most basic skills a driver will learn, so after a while, and they may feel like they can relax or become overconfident during the maneuver.

While changing lanes can seem like a harmless task, a serious accident can happen at any time. It’s critical to remain vigilant and practice proper safety precautions before merging.

According to official statistics, roughly 33% of all auto accident crashes happen when a vehicle changes lanes or veers off of the road. These accidents are completely avoidable with focus and strict adherence to good driving habits, such as checking mirrors and maintaining a safe distance.

Nevertheless, careless drivers cause accidents during merging and lane changes all the time, such as through the following negligent practices:

  • Distracted driving: When a driver is not paying full attention to the road, they may forget to check their mirrors before switching lanes or may incorrectly judge the distance between them and another vehicle. Texting, listening to loud music, and eating can all inhibit a driver’s good judgment when changing lanes.
  • Impaired driving: Every 39 minutes, a drunk driver causes a fatal accident. Impaired driving is a dangerous habit that can leave every person on the roads nearby at risk. An intoxicated or high driver will have weakened judgment, poor depth perception, and hindered reflexes. All of these avoidable factors create a high risk of potentially causing an unsafe lane change accident.
  • Weather conditions: Icy, wet, and slippery roads can be dangerous for cars on the road. In some situations, poor weather conditions can unexpectedly lead a driver to lose control over their vehicle, causing them to veer into another lane and hit another vehicle unwillingly.

What Should I Do After a Lane Change Accident?

An attorney can help a claimant manage the steps of finalizing a damage recovery settlement claim, but before the financial recovery process even unfolds, there are a few steps that an accident victim can take to protect their upcoming litigation process:

  • Call 911 and report the accident. Wait at the scene to provide a statement and exchange information with all others involved.
  • Seek medical attention immediately after the crash
  • Document the scene of the accident. Take photos, including of all injuries, and follow up with pictures of the healing process
  • Listen to the doctor’s advice for follow-up care

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No one expects a crash, but in the event you have incurred expenses and face injuries because of the negligent actions of another driver, an unsafe lane change accident attorney can be your best resource for financial recovery.

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