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A highway accident victim calling his lawyer on the phone after his car broke down on the road.Car accidents are terrifying, but the circumstances become even more dire when they happen on a highway. With roads like I-80 and I-91 intersecting the heart of Hartford, residents will use major highways pretty much every day.

Each time, there is always the risk of an accident when one least expects it.

Highway accidents happen at high speeds, meaning that losses stemming from medical treatment, property damage, and emotional trauma are likely. Although there can be only so much one can do to prevent a tragedy, know that in the aftermath, you do not need to handle filing and negotiating an insurance claim on your own.

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How a Hartford Highway Accident Attorney Helps With Your Claim

After a car accident, the most common way to recover compensation for your losses is through filing a claim with the negligent party’s insurance company. One would believe this process is simple, but the timeline from the accident to receiving compensation may be more complex than one would think.

Many victims of car accidents face challenges from insurance companies when they file a claim, from attempting to pin blame to grappling with a lowball settlement offer. Insurance companies are notorious for using pressuring tactics to convince you to settle for much less than you should.

Having an attorney by your side is a valuable resource when navigating the hoops of an insurance claim. They know how to evaluate your case and evidence, prepare a solid and accurate claim, negotiate with insurers, and have strategies to combat pressure from insurance companies.

Overall, working with an attorney experienced in these types of cases helps prevent you from leaving money on the table.

When you work with a highway accident attorney, you can expect your case to follow this standard procedure:

Review the Details of Your Accident

Understanding the unique nuances of your claim is the first step in evaluating your case. These specifics will reinforce who was at fault and help identify where you suffered losses.

Investigating All Claims of Negligence

Victims of accidents must remember that accident scenes do not last long, as they may block roadways and access to local businesses. When the police arrive, they aim to complete their investigation and do whatever possible to open the road to the public again.

This process means that evidence will be documented at the scene. If additional photo and video evidence are taken at the scene by you or others involved, it may help assess damages and fault.

Using any photos, statements, and other data you provide, along with a copy of the police report, your attorney will determine who was at fault and why.

Valuing Related Damages

Your attorney will estimate what your present and future damages can total out to be, including all reductions in earnings and the total costs of your medical care. This can include:

  • Current medical bills
  • Future medical needs
  • Physical therapy
  • Surgeries
  • Lost wages
  • Lost opportunity in careers
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering

Although each case will have unique circumstances, the damages tend to fall into one or all of these categories. Not all claims will include multiple types of damages.

Negotiating a Settlement

Insurance companies will receive your claim and review it. They will likely respond with an initial settlement offer within 30 days or so.

However, this settlement may fail to account for the full extent of your losses. Often, your attorney must negotiate with the other party’s insurance company before committing to a final settlement that could be considered acceptable.

With a Bridgeport highway accident attorney, you can put your best foot forward at the negotiation table.

Preparing for a Lawsuit

Most car accident cases settle before needing to go to trial. However, if it becomes necessary after both parties cannot agree, a formal lawsuit might become necessary.

Your attorney will prepare a valid legal complaint and present your case before a judge to request a satisfactory settlement amount.

Common Causes of Highway Car Accidents in Hartford

Most drivers enter a highway cautiously, looking at their mirrors often and taking great care when switching lanes. But there is always the chance that someone will enter carelessly, without regard for any of the other drivers they share the road with, and make negligent maneuvers that put others’ safety in jeopardy.

The most common causes of highway accidents are:

  • Distracted driving — Texting, talking on the phone, eating, and talking with your passenger contribute to distracted driving.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) — Driving when intoxicated creates a dangerous situation for everyone. Especially on highways with limited access roadways, drivers cannot get in or out of the way easily to dodge a drunk driver, like on local roadways. Drunk drivers historically speed, switch lanes excessively and dangerously, and have even driven in the wrong direction on a highway where others are going at high speeds.
  • Drowsy driving — If you are tired, you should not be on the road. Drowsy driving is a growing issue on the road, as sleepiness slows reaction times and creates hazardous conditions for all around them. In 2017, drowsy driving led to 50,000 injuries from related crashes.
  • Failure to follow speed limits — Highways offer the freedom to cruise, as there are street lights and stop signs, and the speed limits tend to be much higher than on regular roadways. A driver may feel more comfortable breaking speed limit regulations in this environment.
  • Aggressive driving — Being late, having a bad day, or facing another frustrating driver on the road are all some examples of circumstances that can make someone drive aggressively. Aggressive drivers do not consider the other drivers around them as they drive, and they may serve in between lanes, change lanes often, and tail other drivers.

Common Types of Accidents Seen in Highway Crashes

The sudden events leave all involved in a highway accident confused, scared, and hurt. These kinds of accidents are a result of highspeed highway accidents:

  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Head-on
  • Rear-end
  • Rollovers
  • Single-car
  • T-bone or side-impact
  • Ejections
  • Multi-vehicle stack-ups

Issues With Car Accidents on the Highway

A highway is a limited access road corridor, meaning that getting in and out is limited to a certain number of exits, no pedestrian traffic is allowed, and there are no streetlights or stop signs to regulate traffic flow.

In addition, much higher speeds are permitted, so as one can imagine, a car accident creates a real mess, bottlenecking oncoming traffic and making it difficult for authorities and EMTs to arrive at a crash site.

All of these factors can cause what would otherwise be a less-harmful crash to result in serious medical trauma. Multiple vehicles could also get tangled up in an accident by the time first responders arrive.

Determining fault and seeking compensation for the compounded costs can be challenging, which is why claimants can often see a higher chance of a successful payout when they work with an experienced attorney.

Types of Injuries Associated With Highway Accidents

Accidents occurring at highway speeds create the perfect environment for substantial property damage and injuries like broken bones, lacerations, burns, TBIs, and spinal injuries.

Broken Bones

The sudden impact and stop of the car would send the human body flying if it were not for the seat restraints. However, even with seat belts, the body experiences tremendous forces.

A person’s body may also contact parts of the cabin, especially if hit from a side angle. Flying debris inside the cabin and colliding with the car’s frame can similarly cause enough pressure to break bones. Legs, arms, ribs, wrists, and clavicles are most likely to break in highway accidents.

Lacerations and Burns

Oils, hot engines, and other substances may leak into the passenger cabin after an accident, exposing passengers to severe burns that may leave scarring that will last for many years. Burns vary in severity and can require surgery to help heal properly, creating future procedures and medical appointments that otherwise would not exist.

Cuts are common in accidents where items inside the cabin and glass may fly at the moment of impact, hitting passengers. Fortunately, most cuts heal well, some not even requiring stitches to set for proper healing.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

Traumatic brain injuries happen when there is a sudden jolt to the head. In a highway accident, the car involved will suddenly stop, forcing the human body forward and back.

As the body propels in one direction, there is the chance that it will hit the steering wheel, dashboard, frame of the car, or windows, creating a serious medical injury that can have life-changing consequences.

Spinal Injuries

These injuries are likely one of the most devastating injuries in the aftermath of a car accident. The human spine is responsible for housing and protecting the nerves that send messages for movement, but when these nerves become damaged, the victim may become partially paralyzed and, in the worst cases, unable to walk or perform normal functions.

Victims will undergo multiple surgeries and therapy sessions to help accelerate their healing, but there is the chance that the victims may never fully recover from their injuries, causing drastic changes to their ability to move and strength. These victims may require life-long assistance from friends, family, and medical staff to meet their daily needs.

Our Hartford Highway Accident Law Firm Is Here to Help

Realizing that you were involved in a highway accident can be frightening and confusing. High speeds, severing, drunk driving, and reckless driving are all contributors to highway accidents.

Having an experienced highway accident attorney on your side is key to ensuring you are able to receive the most compensation possible for your case and all the damages you have suffered.

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