A white car in a city street with its front bumper missing after a speeding racer collided with its corner.Street racing is dangerous, recklessly causing many road accidents and severe injuries. Despite the risks involved, many drivers engage in street racing to show off their driving skills and compete with others.

Unfortunately, street racing often results in serious accidents that lead to life-changing injuries and even death.

Street racing is considered reckless driving, where someone is using their vehicle aggressively with little regard or consideration for those around them. At the high speeds of street racing, it is no surprise that someone can easily get hurt or killed.

It only requires one small mistake to lose control, causing the would-be racer to collide with another vehicle, hit a pedestrian, or crash into someone’s property.

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Choose an Experienced Hartford Street Racing Accident Attorney to Help You Recover

Street races are loud, fast, and irresponsible. City streets are not designed to hold races at high speeds. They are filled with intersections, potentially narrow roads, and traffic-calming features, like streetlights and stop signs.

These areas are also expected to have high volumes of traffic. To no surprise, with other drivers simply going out of their business unaware of the potential dangers they face, street racing accidents can have devastating outcomes.

If you were hurt because of an illegal street race, hiring legal counsel as soon as possible is beneficial for securing the compensation you need. Your bodily injury liability settlement can help pay for the costs of your resulting medical care, vehicle repairs, lost work income, and more.

These cases do not always affect a single person, so when they do, insurance coverage amounts may run out. Injury payouts are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

To expedite your recovery and secure your place in line, your attorney will focus on moving quickly with your claim. They aim to raise your chances of a successful claim by proactively speaking with authorities, reviewing and analyzing evidence, negotiating with insurance companies, and aggressively representing you if your case goes to court.

The injuries parties sustain during a street racing accident are substantial, often requiring multiple doctor’s appointments in addition to surgeries, medical devices, and physical therapy. Let an experienced Hartford attorney handle your case so your focus can be on feeling better, not fighting with insurers for a fair payout.

What Is Considered Street Racing in Hartford?

Street racing is typically an illegal form of car racing that occurs on public roads. Many racing events happen at night, but often, they can be coordinated — or improvised — by multiple speed-hungry drivers.

These drivers engage in risky behaviors on public roads, endangering not only their own lives but also the lives of innocent bystanders.

Because of the speeds often involved in street racing, drivers might be unable to react quickly enough to avoid an accident. The force of impact that they inflict can easily maim or kill someone, especially if they are a pedestrian.

Street racers are not trained professionals, so their negligence and amateur skills endanger everyone involved. Further, they put pressure on communities to curb their behaviors, sometimes causing expensive projects or increased police patrols.

Speaking more generally, three components of street racing make it particularly hazardous to others.


It would not be a “race” if it weren’t fast. Speeding is the first and most dangerous component of street racing.

Drivers may wait at an intersection, reeving their engines to let the other know that they want to race. They both take off when the light turns green, quickly accelerating speed.

These reckless drivers may feel invincible at this point, as they are breaking the law and pushing the performance of their cars to the max. But their ambitions will always exceed their skill, as they cannot possibly predict what others on the road are doing while they break laws and chase idiotic thrills.

Speeding is one of the leading causes of car accidents, and the catastrophic consequences are not worth it.

Reckless Driving

Reckless drivers participating in a race may think they are having fun, but ignoring traffic laws comes at a price. They may speed, aggressively change lanes, run stop signs, and make sharp turns.

These are all behaviors that put them at risk of crashing. Street racers may even ignore streetlights, causing accidents in an intersection.

Vehicle Modifications

A stock car does not have the parts needed for the levels of performance most street racers crave. Even cars that are sports models have their restrictions.

Street racing car owners often spend time and money to apply parts to their cars so that they perform better. These can range from tweaking the engine to increasing horsepower and maximum speed.

Increasing these features is common among racers. Similarly, vehicle owners are often keen to disable or remove safety features in their cars to reduce weight or improve performance.

Common Consequences of a Street Racing Accident

The State of Connecticut recognizes the threat that street racing poses to the public. In response, legal measures have been created to discourage this reckless behavior.

According to state law, no driver shall operate a vehicle to race on a public street.

In the following sections of the same law, the statute specifies that even those who do not actively participate in the race are still liable if they knowingly attended the event.

License Suspension and Jail Time

Connecticut’s laws levy severe penalties for drivers who engage in street racing. Street racing is a misdemeanor offense in the state, with serious criminal consequences when convicted.

Upon arrest for street racing, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) suspends the driver’s license for six months if it is a first offense. Repeat offenders face longer license suspensions, escalating with each subsequent violation.

License suspension has more serious impacts than it appears. Cars are needed in Hartford to get from one place to another, and without a valid license, the driver cannot go anywhere legally behind the wheel.

In addition, state law also poses fines and jail time to first-time offenders. If the perpetrator is found breaking the street racing law repeatedly, they will face larger fines and longer periods of jail time.

The Financial Consequences for Street Racing Accidents

Being caught in an accident caused by street racers may have serious financial consequences for the victim and their families.

Let’s say you were hit by a car as a bystander and survived. You are likely to be seriously hurt with broken bones, lacerations, potential head injuries, and more.

These injuries may take many months to recover from, assuming you can even heal from them completely.

The one bright spot of good news is that you may be eligible to seek compensation from the negligent party through their insurer. You can also sue them directly, if necessary, to recover the compensation needed to offset the sudden, burdensome expenses incurred.

Injuries sustained in a street racing accident frequently come with long-term effects. They can be so severe that they lead to permanent disabilities, limiting the victim’s ability to walk, exercise, work, and even play with their kids.

The loss of one’s ability to work will create financial challenges for the victim and their dependents. The injuries also come with a significant mental toll that can affect work and relationships and even lead to depression, affect one’s ability to sleep, and more.

Accordingly, typical damages sought in a street racing injury settlement may include:

  • Medical Costs — Payments for hospital bills, treatments, medications, and other care inflicted during the accident
  • Property Damage — Your clothes, cell phone, shoes, and even your car (if you were parked on the side of the road) all have value and may need repair or replacement
  • Pain and Suffering — Compensation for any physical and emotional trauma caused by the accident, like PTSD, anxiety, and more

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A street racing accident may start as an act of entertainment and showing off, but the consequences of such an act can create disastrous outcomes. A person hit by a driver racing will sustain life-threatening injuries and possibly face drastic changes to their body as a result of the accident.

Victims should seek legal counsel immediately to begin working towards legal remedies to receive compensation for all of their damages. Knowing that you have a legal team with many years of expertise at your side ensures that your case will be thoroughly reviewed, supported by evidence, and analyzed for the optimal winning strategy.

Your team vigorously investigates your accidents and researches all applicable laws and policy details to maximize your chances of securing full compensation for all your losses.

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