Hartford Fatal Car Accident Lawyer

A couple mourning the loss of a loved one who passed in a fatal car accident.Car accidents are a nationwide threat, with about 12.9 fatalities occurring every year per 100,000 Americans. That’s 16.1 fatalities per 100,000 cars and 5.16 per 1 billion vehicle miles traveled on American roads.

As safe as we would like to be behind the wheel of a car (or in the passenger seat or on a sidewalk), the odds of getting into a car accident are never zero. And that means the odds of a fatality occurring are never zero as well.

The loss of a loved one is always difficult, especially when caused by an accident. One person fills many roles for many people, so a single death is a lost parent, sibling, lover, friend… the list can go on.

When you lose a loved one to a tragedy on the road, our caring fatal car accident lawyers at Bert McDowell Injury Law are here to get you justice. You deserve satisfaction, and we will fight for you until you are compensated for the full amount you are owed.

Why Get a Hartford Fatal Car Accident Attorney

We understand that no amount of money can bring back someone you’ve lost. We acknowledge that the pain and loss of a loved one can be immeasurable, and no physical compensation can replace the presence a person played in life.

However, a Hartford fatal car accident attorney makes no pretense about making such a replacement. They seek compensation on your behalf because it offers a first step along the path to getting back up and moving forward from your loss.

  • Holding Parties Accountable: When accidents are caused by a driver’s negligence or wrongdoing and lead to a person’s death, working with an attorney can allow those who survived the victim to hold the right people accountable. Car accident attorneys allow entire families and communities to find a sense of justice and closure after a loss.
  • Recovery From Financial Burdens: The financial hardship some families face after an accident is difficult enough when a victim survives, but things can get far worse in the event of a death; medical bills have to be paid, as usual, but then you have to add funeral and burial expenses on top of it all, easily reaching five and six-figure sums total. Working with an attorney grants the opportunity to alleviate these burdens by seeking financial assistance in the form of a claim, settlement, or award.
  • Providing for the Future: In line with recovery from financial burdens, compensation can also secure the futures of any dependents, especially if the deceased was the primary breadwinner of the family. Children may benefit from continued education, healthcare, and more when a claim accounts for the support the victim could have provided had they lived.
  • Funding of Support Services: Emotional and psychological services are rarely cheap, but they are often necessary after a loved one passes away. A large enough sum can pay for much-needed grief counseling, therapy, and other support services that can aid the family as they go through the process of healing.
  • Promoting Safety: When an at-fault party is made to compensate the victims of an accident, their fate at the hands of the justice system can serve as a deterrent against other bad actors. Even if punitive damages are not included in a claim, the fact a person was held accountable means that other people are discouraged from following their example.

There are other reasons to seek compensation after an accident, of course, and what you stand to gain can vary from case to case and person to person. Still, whatever it is you are seeking, a fatal car accident attorney can help you attain it.

Remember: seeking resources after losing someone does not diminish their memories or importance. On the contrary, getting compensation shows care and responsibility for those left behind, giving them a fighting chance to rebuild their lives and move forward from grief.

The Importance of Legal Guidance After a Fatal Car Accident

While most people can face many types of civil torts on their own, it is rarely a good idea to do so, as only about half of claimants who do so secure any kind of payment at all. Facing a claim alone, however, is an even worse idea when it is for a fatal car accident.

Insurance companies are, first and foremost, businesses and generally do not want to hand out large sums of money, which is a problem because fatal car accident claims are, in many cases, worth more than injury claims. Unlike in injury claims, insurers will usually make some kind of offer, but these will usually be lowballed and insufficient to cover all your losses.

Working with a lawyer will offer you advantages you would not have otherwise.

  • Understanding the Legal Process: The legal processes involved in insurance claims can quickly overwhelm those unfamiliar with them… a fact insurers are quick to take advantage of in order to pay as little as possible. Your lawyer will serve as your guide to keep you out of the dark, allowing you to stand on equal ground against any liable parties, their representatives, and the insurance company.
  • Expertise in Damage Assessment: An accurate assessment of damages is key in any insurance claim to get the maximum value. When you work with an attorney, they will undertake an investigation on your behalf to account for all damages, complete with evidence supporting the amount you are fighting for.
  • Negotiations With Insurance Companies: People who face insurance companies alone stand a lesser chance of getting a fair offer. The right lawyer will aggressively hold the line for you at the negotiation table, explaining to the other side why you deserve the amount you are asking for.
  • Leveraging Legal Strategies: Your attorney can help determine the best way to approach your case, identify who to file a claim or a lawsuit against, and build your case accordingly to maximize your chances of winning. They know when to pressure other parties, when to go on the offense, and when to pull back, all for the purpose of netting you the compensation you need after a fatal car accident.
  • Providing Complete Support: Your attorney, as your representative, will be with you all throughout the claims process, and if you cannot tend to the tasks yourself on account of the loss of a loved one, they are authorized to pursue your interests in your stead. The best lawyers also help you with more than just legalities, offering emotional support and providing you with a helping presence to allow you to heal and focus on what you have left while leaving legal complexities in their hands.
  • Advocating for Justice: Finally, your lawyer will seek more than just financial compensation for you. They will use all legal means to get you justice by holding negligent parties accountable for their actions (or inaction) that led to a fatal accident, all to give affected families deeply needed closure.

In times of distress, facing your case with these advantages and more is always preferable. Generally speaking, the largest claims stand to benefit the most from expert legal help, with more money on the line, meaning more at stake if you fail to get the amount you need, and every edge you can find to back up your claim helps.

When You Need a Hartford Fatal Car Accident Law Firm, Call Bert McDowell Injury Law

When you’re looking for representation to fight on behalf of you and your fallen loved one in Hartford, turn to our experts at Bert McDowell Injury Law. We are the premier choice in the city for those who need a path to recovery in the aftermath of a fatal car accident.

Under the leadership of our lead attorney, Bert McDowell, we have, since our inception, secured tens of millions of dollars in damages for our clients. Our legal team has a passion for assisting the disadvantaged and in need.

We pride ourselves on our “Three-Pillar” approach to cases: client communication, client attention, and client success. When you work with us, you, as our client, will always be our priority.

  • Client Communication: Open channels with our clients are the foundation of our relationships. We believe in open dialogue and transparency that ensures you are involved in the process, even in times when you aren’t there to oversee things yourself.
  • Client Attention: We listen to your needs and provide solutions personalized to your situation. We pay attention to details and tend to your issue with the importance as if it were our own.
  • Client Success: Communication and attention lead to success, which we define by your satisfaction and the positive outcome of your case. Our achievements are measured by you and your family’s peace of mind, knowing you received what you owed.

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