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A driver looking at damage caused by a collision between his car and another vehicle in a parking lot.Whether you are a pedestrian or another motorist in your own vehicle, an accident in a parking lot can be a stressful situation. Even though many of these accidents are categorized as simple fender benders, this type of accident can easily result in injuries, especially for pedestrians.

In Connecticut, if you have suffered property damage or physical injuries from a parking lot accident, a Hartford parking lot accident lawyer may be able to help! A lawyer can oversee the unfolding of your auto accident claim and manage many of its responsibilities.

They’ll gather evidence of your losses, seek to prove fault and do everything possible to maximize your claim’s chances of success.

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A Hartford Parking Lot Accident Attorney Works for the Injured Claimant, Not Insurers!

An accident in a parking lot can happen in an instant. Vehicle operators have limited visibility from their boxed-in position, so it’s incredibly easy to bump into another vehicle or a pedestrian when driving carelessly in this situation.

Most people will face at least one accident in their life, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the process for financial recovery is simple or claimant-friendly. When an accident victim opens a claim with another driver’s insurer, the company’s first objective is to protect its bottom line — not to ensure that claimants walk away fully reimbursed for all damages.

A claim adjuster from the liable party’s insurer is not responsible for ensuring that a claimant walks away, having used every benefit available in the applicable liability policy. However, a Hartford parking lot accident attorney can help manage your claim, representing you and your personal interests through every step.

Your lawyer can independently review the events of the accident, accurately estimate the value of your damages, and negotiate for the final settlement value on your behalf. Their knowledge, experience, and capabilities help relieve you of stress while increasing your chances of a successful claim.

How Do Most Parking Lot Accidents Happen?

Many people believe that parking lots are safer because they are not yet on the open road, and speeds are typically slower. Those factors notwithstanding, thousands of accidents will happen in parking lots across the U.S. every year.

Some will result in simple bumps or paint scratches. Others may leave accident victims with long-term injuries.

To prevent parking lot crashes, motorists should uphold the same level of caution in a parking lot that they would have on their city streets or highways. In fact, they should be even more cautious, with due appreciation for the fact that anyone could walk or drive behind their vehicle at any time.

An accident can happen for any reason, but some of the most cited factors that contribute to parking lot accidents are as follows:

  • Distracted driving: Parking lots have a slower pace, and many motorists will feel comfortable operating the vehicle while occupied by a distraction like their phone. According to the National Safety Council, 56% of people report that they text while driving through a parking lot. Distracted driving also involves habits like eating, searching through bags, and finding directions while driving.
  • Backing out without looking: A motorist should thoroughly check each mirror and their blind spots before pulling out of a parking spot. In some cases, another car may be easier to see, but it is important to remember to wait for pedestrians, too.
  • Tight parking lots: Some drivers won’t be comfortable with compact parking lots that require every vehicle to squeeze in with little space. These lots may even have a height and width limit posted at the entrance of the lot to emphasize how compact the parking spots are. These parking areas generally leave less room for error, making accidents a more common occurrence.

Can a Motorist Sustain Injuries in a Parking Lot Accident?

While many people think of a small rear-end bump when they think of this type of crash, parking lot accidents can affect more than 50,000 motorists a year, with deadly consequences for hundreds.

Injuries are absolutely possible in a parking lot collision, especially for an elderly or disabled person. Every year, doctors treat thousands of injuries sustained in parking lot accidents.

These physically traumatic crashes can even leave victims with life-long conditions, disabilities, and pains. Some of the most commonly sustained injuries that medical professionals treat for parking lot accidents include:

  • Whiplash or other neck injuries
  • Sprains, dislocations, and fractures
  • Concussions and other TBIs
  • Internal injuries
  • Burns from airbag release
  • Facial injuries

Generally, police and medical personnel won’t respond to an accident in a parking lot unless there are serious visible injuries, damage to public property, or if the accident is blocking traffic.

It is crucial that an accident victim assess their physical condition after a parking lot accident and seek medical attention if they feel sensations like burning from the chest or abdomen, tightness in joints/muscles or limited mobility, and open wounds. They should also report the incident to police, their insurer, and potentially the parking lot owners.

What Mistakes Do Injured Parties Make That Can Hurt Their Claim?

If you’re lucky, you’ll only see a handful of insurance claims in your lifetime. This means that you may not have a full understanding of the process.

Mistakes happen, especially when you are learning about something that you have such limited experience with. The process of filing an auto accident claim can have a learning curve just like anything else, but you often won’t have the luxury of time to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of each individual step.

This is where the experience of an attorney comes in. Your Hartford parking lot accident lawyer will have seen countless damage claims before yours.

They can use their adopted knowledge and experience with handling such claims to help you avoid common mistakes. In fact, lead attorney Bert McDowell used to work for insurers, giving him a unique perspective on the factors that can make or break a claim’s success.

Some of the most common mistakes that claimants are likely to make throughout the course of their damage recovery include:

  • Apologizing for the accident: For many people, it may feel like an instinct to apologize for an accident, even if you do not believe that you caused it. This simple act can be detrimental to a claim because it signals to the liable party’s insurer that you hold some guilt about your actions. While it may be a low blow to penalize someone for apologizing, it can happen, especially when other parties are willing to misinterpret what happened in order to deny fault.
  • Delaying the completion of important tasks: When the bills begin to pile up from the accident, a victim could find it easier to push claim settlement to the back burner. Waiting to complete claim tasks will only help the liable party and their insurer in the long run. When you work with an attorney, you can stay on top of your claim’s progression without sacrificing too much more of your own time and energy.
  • Being convinced that the insurance adjuster has your best interests at heart: The claim adjuster works for the insurance company representing the liable party, not you. This representative has no obligation to the interests of the accident victim and is only required to settle their reported claim, preferably at the lowest possible amount.

Call a Hartford Parking Lot Accident Law Firm if You Were in a Crash That Left You With Property Damage or Injuries

Even though accidents in a parking lot are generally considered small fender benders, the impact that the crash can have on the victim may be substantial. An accident in a parking lot could leave another motorist or pedestrian with injuries and property damage, but an attorney will help you handle the steps of recovering financially.

Bert McDowell Injury Law has spent years aiding members of the Hartford community in similar situations. We pledge to put the full force of our experience, knowledge, and legal resources behind your case to protect your interests and seek the maximum damages possible.

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