Bridgeport Improperly-Loaded Cargo Accidents

A large semi truck transporting a heavy load of transportation materials.Bridgeport residents share local roads and interstates with large trucks and trailers. Whether driving through I-95, US1, or any of the other roads intercepting Bridgeport, there is a high chance that you will drive by or near a truck carrying heavy cargo.

Cargo must be appropriately loaded at all times. Improperly loaded cargo creates a hazardous environment for all drivers on the road, with the worst cases leading to deadly results.

These situations may leave victims confused, scared, and unsure of how to move toward receiving compensation for their damages.

If you were in an improperly-loaded cargo accident, know you are not alone. Bert McDowell Injury Law is here to help you identify all liable parties and seek the full amount of damages you need in order to fully recover, medically and financially.

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The American cargo system works hard to deliver produce and products to stores and retail locations. Given the large amounts of cargo demand, our regulatory system calls for rules and standard practices to prevent catastrophic accidents.

Unfortunately, carriers and the companies they haul for don’t always adhere to these standards.

An accident of this magnitude is terrifying to all involved, and the results leave those affected in pain and shock as they see a catastrophe unfold in front of them. Being in an improperly loaded cargo accident may leave victims with many questions on how to proceed, who is at fault, and what compensation they are entitled to.

Fortunately, when you choose to work with an Bridgeport personal injury attorney who is well-seasoned with similar claims, you can expect quality legal care and representation while you reach a desirable settlement.

Handling car accident claims on your own may put you in a position where you lose out on compensation that, otherwise, you may have gotten if you worked with an attorney. In addition, handling claims of this magnitude may involve numerous parties, making negotiations difficult.

Insurance companies are known to make low-ball offers or deny claims altogether, even when the negligent party was clearly at fault.

Your attorney will be the buffer you need as you navigate this process. They will be responsible for reviewing documents, medical bills, and evidence associated with your case, constructing a solid claim, providing representation throughout, and fighting on your behalf if your claim goes to court.

What Is Improperly-Loaded Cargo?

The FMCSA created cargo loading procedures and rules to prevent accidents. Some examples of when cargo loading is done incorrectly are:

  • Distributing weight unevenly
  • Distributing weight inside the trailer with a high center of gravity
  • Using worn, defective, or not enough tie-downs
  • Overloading and underloading the trailer
  • Improper bracing of the cargo
  • Not placing protection around sharp edges can compromise tie-downs
  • Not covering cargo
  • Not taking measures to prevent spills inside the trailer with header boards

How Does an Improperly Loaded Cargo Accident Happen?

The shifting of loaded cargo is the leading cause of truck accidents today. The Large Truck Causation Study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) found that 56.3% of all large truck crashes were caused by improperly positioned cargo.

Improper loads create accidents that can block an entire roadway, with rollovers and jackknifing accidents. Despite this large statistic, driver negligence still contributes to improper load accidents.

Some negligent acts are:

  • Drowsiness
  • Driving under the influence
  • Speeding and aggressive driving

The result is typically one of these two types of accidents:

Jackknife Accident

Jackknife accidents are one of the most common results of accidents involving trucks. In this type of truck accident, the trailer and cabin that make up the truck fold in on itself until separation.

Typically, the end result is a V shape forming a 90-degree angle that obstructs the road.

The cause of jackknife accidents is usually when the cabin and the trailer lose alignment, causing the trailer section to swing from one side to the other. This creates an imbalance and likely movement of unsecured load, leading to an extremely dangerous situation.

Rollover Accident

A rollover truck accident is when a truck is in operation and loses balance, eventually flipping on its side. The National Library of Medicine found these accidents to happen more often when the driver banks a curve at high speeds.

In addition to the hazardous roadway, improper loading played a role in these events.

Taking on curves changes the center of gravity of the truck, and typically, lower speed limits are placed to ensure that trucks can navigate these curves safely. But when they have not adequately secured their cargo, the change in the center of gravity does not allow the truck to smoothly take the turn, making it lean to one side so severely it eventually topples and “rolls over.”

Rollover accidents like jackknife accidents may potentially take over an entire roadway, blocking traffic and making it difficult for emergency personnel to arrive on the scene.

Identifying Liability

Determining liability is the first step in working towards receiving compensation. At the accident, police will assess the damages and the situation and produce a police report essential to proving your claim.

An improperly loaded cargo attorney will gather all evidence and investigate who was at fault. Although cargo placement is reviewed, multiple handlers may have worked on it, suggesting that multiple parties were responsible for the crash.

Federal regulations require truck drivers to inspect their cargo multiple times before reaching their destination. They must check cargo:

  • Before departure
  • During the initial 50 miles of their trip
  • Before initiating a new driving period
  • Either at 3-hour intervals or every 150 miles

Why Cargo Loading Mistakes Can Be Costly

Cargo-related accidents are generally more complex than most realize. They usually involve more than two cars, creating costly property damage and potentially substantial medical-related costs.

In serious accidents, you may see head injuries, broken bones, internal bleeding, burns and lacerations, and spinal injuries.

Addressing these injuries requires significant medical care — more than a single trip to the ER. It may require hospitalization, surgery, physical therapy, reconstructive surgery, and more.

Furthermore, the presentation of numerous medical appointments creates a financially straining situation for the victim and their dependents.

Not all workers have access to paid sick leave and may be forced to take time off without pay. In the worst cases, their injuries may prevent them from doing their job altogether, compromising their entire career and any chances for future promotions.

These injuries can vary in severity and create potential life-changing circumstances, and medical costs for the victim will quickly become astronomical.

Internal Bleeding

A truck-related accident, especially one at high speeds, will lead to catastrophic results. Some of the issues that victims endure are organ damage and internal bleeding, which require immediate medical attention.

Treatment for this kind of injury is surgery and hospitalization, possibly leaving scarring and disfigurement in its aftermath. If left untreated, internal bleeding will lead to fatal results.

Broken Bones

Unfortunately, the circumstances of the accident make breaking a bone possible. Victims may break their arms, legs, wrists, or ankles as they stiffen in anticipation of coming into contact with flying cargo, an obstacle, or the truck itself.

The force of the crash may send passengers flying against the side of the car that took the impact, further increasing their chances of breaking a bone.


With oils and flammable materials present in the accident, it is no surprise that some victims will suffer burns as a result. As much as manufacturers design their vehicles with passenger safety in mind, a cargo-related collision creates the perfect circumstances for fires and exposure to chemical burns.

As a result, victims may require surgery and skin grafts and face future disfigurement for the rest of their lives.

Head Injuries

During a collision, the human body is tossed suddenly in one direction and then back, creating the perfect opportunity for a head injury to occur. If your head strikes an object in your car, you may experience concussions, lacerations, or more severe traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

Victims may experience slower cognitive functions, difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much, and changes to their personality. These are all indicators that some kind of injury may have occurred, and victims should seek an immediate medical evaluation to confirm a diagnosis.

Head injuries can be particularly dangerous and require immediate medical intervention to ensure proper healing.

Connecticut Statute of Limitations

Connecticut passed laws to limit the time frame for filing personal injury cases in the court system. It was created to push filers to be proactive in their measures to receive compensation. In Connecticut, the statute of limitations is only two years.

The limited timeframe also creates a tight deadline for negotiations and attempts to settle your claim. Reaching out to a Bridgeport attorney as soon as possible after an improperly loaded cargo accident is crucial to allow enough time to gather and analyze evidence before requesting compensation.

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Improperly loaded cargo accidents amplify the dangers of your typical car accident. There can be loose cargo that becomes a projectile, imbalanced loads that threaten the truck’s balance, and objects on the road that create hazards if not seen on time.

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