A blue car flipped over and forced off road after an accident with another car.An accident can be an extremely hectic situation to face, especially when the crash leaves you with serious injuries. A rollover accident is a specific type of crash that involves a vehicle turning on its side or even flipping onto its roof.

This type of collision can be caused by a variety of factors, but regardless of the details, facing an impact that intense can be harrowing and may leave the victim with an array of serious damages, from physical to financial.

Fighting for a settlement after facing a serious rollover accident injury can be a tough journey to walk through alone, and you don’t have to. Working with an attorney can give you the peace of mind of knowing that you have a professional team of supporters overseeing each step of your claim.

A consultation with an experienced attorney from Bert McDowell Injury Law is always free of charge. Our goal is to better understand the specifics of your accident and map out the details behind your injuries and expenses.

The initial consultation helps your lawyer put together a clear course of action for representing you throughout your case, and it’s a great time to voice any concerns you have about the upcoming process.

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Working With a Bridgeport Rollover Accident Attorney Can Protect Your Rollover Accident Claim

Rollover accidents make up about one-fifth of all fatal car accidents in the U.S., according to a report from the NHTSA. Losing control of your vehicle in a car accident can be a scary experience, but a rollover accident will pose a unique danger because of how unpredictable injuries maybe when the car flips and tumbles.

After getting into a rollover accident, the victim of the crash can go after the negligent party (or parties) for reimbursement of their medical care costs and other expenses. You may even have a claim against a negligent vehicle manufacturer, property owner, or roadway management agency if any contributed to the circumstances of your rollover.

Opening a claim is one thing, but walking away with a comprehensive settlement is another task altogether. A Bridgeport rollover accident lawyer can be a valuable resource throughout the process of filing an auto accident claim, acting as a professional guide through the confusing aspects of litigation and as a support system for the ups and downs.

Bert McDowell Injury Law focuses on the principles of success: client communication, client attention, and client success. We work solely for the claimant, with our focus being centered on the present and future well-being of each client.

It can be easier to take an early settlement offer and get the looming bills off of your chest, but an attorney is tasked with ensuring that you are getting the most out of a claim so you won’t be left to pay for expenses out of pocket down the line.

How Bert McDowell Can Represent You Through Litigation

The services of a Bridgeport personal injury lawyer vary slightly from case to case, but retaining quality representation has benefits that can make the legal process feel easier. Juggling a physical and financial recovery after an accident can leave an accident victim struggling to focus on either, but an attorney can help a claimant avoid feeling stretched too thin.

A legal battle with an insurance company may be a trying task, but an attorney can take some of the weight of the process off your shoulders by:

  • Handling your claim from start to finish: You’ll have a professional set of eyes overseeing every step of the process to ensure that your claim is moving forward smoothly and in a timely manner.
  • Offering extensive professional resources: The resources of an attorney can make investigating, researching, and establishing liability in your auto accident claim an easier task to accomplish. Proving negligence may be a more complex process in some cases, but an attorney can evaluate the details of an accident with professional insight.
  • Providing an accurate valuation of your damages: When calculating the expenses that you’ve incurred as a victim of the rollover accident, it is crucial to consider both present and future damages. It can be difficult to value a financial responsibility that hasn’t been established yet, but your attorney can help you understand what future debts could look like for you.
  • Negotiating a settlement on your behalf: Presenting a settlement figure can be an anxiety-inducing task when you aren’t comfortable negotiating. An attorney can act on your behalf, putting together the full value of your accident damages and then supporting that figure during a negotiation with an insurance adjuster. Insurance professionals count on their claimants to be inexperienced with insurance negotiations, but they can’t get away with undervaluing a claim without good cause when an attorney is present.
  • Preparation for possible lawsuit and jury trial: Not all cases will go to trial, but an attorney will proceed through each step of a claim’s legal process with the understanding that it could. This means that your lawyer will do what’s possible to stay one step ahead and prepare for a formal lawsuit if necessary, all while convincing insurers that it’s definitely worth their time to settle.

Injuries Commonly Associated With Rollover Accidents

Auto accidents can leave the victim with serious injuries, but more specifically, rollover accidents have a high risk for extreme physical damage because of the intensity of impact when flipping a vehicle over or onto its side.

While every accident will leave the victim with a unique combination of injuries, some are more common than others. Even though these accidents only make up for about 3% of all U.S. auto accidents, the fatality rate is high at a general average of 35%.

Some of the most frequently reported and treated injuries resulting from a rollover accident include:

Possible Long-Term Effects of Rollover Accidents

A rollover collision will affect every victim differently, but some effects can be long-lasting and severely impact how they go about their daily routine.

Suffering from the result of an auto accident could leave the victim struggling physically, emotionally, and financially, all while trying to settle the accident claim. Some effects are impossible to move past, but finalizing a settlement after the fact can help a family move forward from the trauma inflicted by a negligent driver on the road.

In the worst-case scenario, an accident victim may be left with long-term effects such as:

  • Disabilities like paralysis: A severe injury that can never fully heal can greatly impact an accident victim’s quality of life well after the initial event.
  • Brain injuries and changes to general disposition: A brain injury can alter a victim’s personality, limit their physical capabilities, and ultimately change the way they live from working to relaxing.
  • Financial struggles: The injuries that result from a serious auto accident may leave the victim unable to work on top of all the new debts and expenses from property damage and medical care. These financial struggles can affect a victim’s day-to-day life from paying bills to grocery shopping.

What Could a Settlement Include After a Bridgeport Rollover Accident?

Some of the most commonly sought-after expenses during a fight for an auto accident recovery settlement include but are not limited to the following:

  • Medical expenses and the cost of ongoing treatment
  • Future care costs, including physical therapy or rehabilitation after initial treatment for injuries
  • Lost wages and compensation for future inability to work due to the accident
  • Emotional suffering, such as mental anguish and the loss of a companion
  • Property damage, like the cost of vehicle replacement

What Should I Do if I Have Just Been in an Accident?

Your attorney will take many of the pressing tasks of litigation off your hands as the claim process moves forward, but in the days following a rollover accident, a claimant can protect their own case by following these steps:

  • Always report the accident. Talk with the responding officer at the scene and get a copy of their report
  • Immediately seek medical care for your injuries
  • Document your injuries and the healing process
  • Never neglect doctor-ordered follow-up care for your injuries
  • Keep all documents. From bills and statements to insurance information and doctor’s notes, this information may be useful to your attorney while they sort out the details of your case.

If You’ve Been Injured in a Wreck, Don’t Hesitate to Call a Bridgeport Rollover Accident Law Firm

No one expects a car accident, but when one strikes unexpectedly, it is important to think about each step carefully. An accident victim can take many precautions and jumpstart their claim on their own, but an attorney can be a professional advocate along the way, protecting your claim from being undervalued or overlooked.

After an accident, you may not know what to expect, so work with a trusted representation that does. An attorney works solely for you and acts according to your best interest.

At Bert McDowell Injury Law, our team is dedicated to serving the Bridgeport community, including victims of rollover accidents like yourself. To schedule a free initial case review with an experienced attorney, call (203) 590-9169 or contact us online today.