People trip and slip every day. Most of the time, they can catch themselves and regain their balance before actually falling down. Even when they do fall, people can usually brush themselves off, get up, and resume their activities. Unfortunately, not every person can recover so quickly from a fall. Some falls lead to life-changing complications.

If you suffered a serious injury from falling while on someone else’s property, you might be eligible for financial compensation. An experienced Connecticut slip and fall attorney at Bert McDowell Injury Law could investigate the details of your accident and help you file a claim. For guidance from a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer throughout the entire legal process, Bring On Bert!

How a Legal Professional Could Help in a Slip and Fall Case

Legal actions involving trip and fall injuries or slip and fall injuries are classified under the area of law known as premises liability. In premises liability cases, an injured person sues the owner, manager, or another person in charge of maintaining the property where the accident occurred. To succeed in a slip and fall lawsuit, the injured claimant must provide evidence that proves their fall happened on the defendant’s property. They also have to show that the incident was the direct result of a specific defect and/or unsafe condition on that property.

In most cases, this involves demonstrating that the fall would not have happened if the defendant had kept up with regular maintenance and upkeep of their property. Legally, property owners must remove a hazard promptly, or at the very least warn visitors or guests of the danger. A failure to do any of these is a breach of their duty of care and could result in an injured party suing for damages.

A seasoned slip and fall lawyer in Connecticut could perform the necessary due diligence to establish a property owner’s negligence in a particular case.

Frequent Reasons People Fall in Connecticut

Some of the conditions that can cause a person to trip or slip are as follows:

  • Icy parking lots, entryways, or sidewalks
  • Loose or bunched up carpets
  • Uneven or bumpy walking surfaces, such as potholes
  • Slippery floors due to water leaks, cleaning solutions, or other spills
  • Broken stairs or handrails
  • Defective escalators
  • Debris on the floor
  • Poor lighting

A determined slip and fall attorney in Connecticut could perform an independent investigation to learn more about the accident and if it could have been prevented. They could speak with witnesses to the fall and people familiar with the property to learn how long the defect existed and whether the defendant knew—or should have known—about it.

Types of Injuries That Can Occur after a Trip and Fall

Some people suffer only minor bumps and bruises when they fall. Other people sustain more serious injuries, such as broken bones, sprained ankles, twisted knees, or sprained wrists. With proper medical care and rest, most people can make a full recovery from the harm they sustained from a fall.

Unfortunately, some people suffer life-altering injuries from falling. When a person falls and strikes their head on a hard surface, they could suffer a traumatic brain injury that has a lasting impact on the rest of their lives. Other people may experience permanent mobility limitations after breaking their neck or back in a fall. Further, a number of people injure their ankles or shoulders and require surgery.

A compassionate and understanding lawyer like Bert McDowell can help an injured individual assess and evaluate the full extent of their injuries after this kind of accident. They can then work to pursue a financial award that would fully compensate them for all present and future losses.

Enlist the Help of a Connecticut Slip and Fall Lawyer

A simple fall can permanently alter your life. If that fall occurred away from home, you might have grounds for legal recourse. If the owner of the place where you fell was negligent in their upkeep and maintenance of their property, you could prevail in a lawsuit.

Reach out to a hardworking and confident Connecticut slip and fall attorney to learn more about the legal process and schedule your initial consultation.