Astroworld Tragedy Highlights Risks That Can Come With Large Events

Astroworld Tragedy Highlights Risks That Can Come With Large Events

In early November 2021, tragedy struck on the first night of rapper Travis Scott’s music festival, Astroworld, at NRG Park in Houston. A crowd crush event while Travis Scott was onstage led to the deaths of at least ten people, including several minors, and hundreds of additional injuries. Patrons of the festival claimed the incident was nothing short of terrifying, and many people are dealing with mental – as well as physical – trauma.

Almost 300 people have filed lawsuits against Astroworld and other parties so far, including those injured, the surviving families of the deceased victims, and even security guards at the event. These cases are new, and it is not yet clear how liability will fall for the losses of victims. This case reminds us of the potentially serious risks of attending large events, as well as the possible legal recourse should you suffer injuries.


If you attend any crowded venue, whether it is a sporting event, concert, or another festival, there can be a wide range of injury risks that you might never consider. These include:

  • Falls from balconies or higher levels
  • Assaults from other patrons, especially at events involving alcohol
  • Crowd crash or trampling events
  • Patio collapses

Though these types of incidents are rare, when they happen, people often sustain severe and life-changing injuries. Such accidents at large venues also can result in tragic losses for families whose loved ones went to enjoy themselves and ended up losing their lives.


When you suffer an injury or the devastating loss of a loved one, you might have important legal rights. When an injury or fatality happens due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another party, that party should be liable for the losses that result. This is true whether the liable party is an individual or a company that runs a music festival or operates a large venue.

When an accident and injury happens on another premises, the owner or operator of that premises might be accountable. Premises liability claims can be complicated, especially if you are going up against the insurer of a large company. To succeed, you must sufficiently prove:

  • The property owner or manager owed you a duty of care to keep the premises in a reasonably safe condition.
  • They breached that duty of care by allowing hazards to exist.
  • The hazards led to your injuries.
  • You experienced losses as a result.

There are complex issues that can arise when filing a premises liability claim against a large stadium, arena, theme park, music festival producer, or similar business. Often, the tickets try to limit liability, which they might try to use to defend against injury claims. You need an experienced attorney who knows how to prove your claim and obtain the full compensation you deserve from negligent corporations.


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