What Is the Dram Shop Act?

What Is the Dram Shop Act?

The Connecticut Dram Shop Act, also known as the “Dram Shop Law,” allows those who an intoxicated person has hurt to sue the place where they were provided with alcohol. Dram shop regulations were established to combat drunk driving incidents and hold businesses accountable when they provide alcoholic beverages to people who are under the legal drinking age or clearly intoxicated.


Why Would States Enact Dram Shop Liability Laws?


Establishments that carelessly sell alcoholic beverages, such as bars, clubs, and restaurants, are likely to be accountable under the Dram Shop Law. The probability of a drunk driving accident may significantly increase when alcohol is offered to someone that is already highly intoxicated. The likelihood of a drunk driving crash might considerably rise when alcohol is offered or provided to someone who shouldn’t drink it. Dram Shop Laws are generally intended to give victims a way to hold bars, restaurants, and shops responsible for their role in contributing to significant injuries or fatalities in drunk driving



When a drunk driver causes harm, death, or property damage to another person while operating a vehicle, these laws frequently come into play. Before the Dram Shop Laws were enacted, a car accident victim’s only recourse was to sue the drunk driver for damages in a personal injury case. However, under specific

circumstances, the victim may also be eligible to file a claim for damages under the Dram Shop Act against the bar that provided the intoxicated driver with alcoholic beverages.


A person may be held liable for up to $250,000 in damages under Connecticut law if they sell alcohol to an intoxicated person—either directly or through a representative—and the drunk person later hurts someone else because of their intoxication.


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