Stratford Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck drivers have a duty to use the highest level of care—more so than other drivers—to avoid collisions with other vehicles. This is because they drive for commercial reasons and operate a truck of massive size and weight. 

However, when accidents do occur, truckers and the companies they work for have a team of dedicated insurance companies and attorneys ready to defend them. Therefore, if you are in a crash with a heavy commercial vehicle, having a skilled personal injury attorney on your side is essential. A Stratford truck accident attorney from Bert McDowell Injury Law is prepared to fight aggressively on your behalf to obtain the fair settlement or damages award you deserve.

Common Causes of Semi-Truck Crashes 

Some of the most frequent causes of tractor-trailer collisions in Stratford include:

  • Speeding and reckless driving
  • Driving aggressively 
  • Fatigued driving 
  • Cargo overloading 
  • Mechanical failure 
  • Driving under the influence 
  • Driving with distractions 

A diligent Stratford truck accident lawyer can investigate to determine the cause of a particular wreck and collect the evidence needed to prove the truck driver was at fault.

Insurance Company Communication 

The trucking company’s insurance company representative will likely reach out soon after you are involved in an accident. While they may be friendly and seem helpful, they are looking for ways to minimize the truck driver’s fault and damages. Therefore, directly speaking with an insurance adjuster is usually not a good idea.

A capable truck wreck attorney in Stratford, like Bert McDowell, can handle insurance company communication and negotiations on your behalf. They could work towards a fair settlement amount and, if they cannot reach an agreement, assist in the civil lawsuit.

Recoverable Damages After an 18-Wheeler Collision

After proving defendant’s fault, the court will award a truck crash victim damages within two categories:

Economic Damages 

Economic damages are the measurable, out-of-pocket expenses a person sustains from the accident. Compensation will cover medical costs, including future care and loss of salary. 

Non-Economic Damages 

Non-economic damages cover the subjective losses that are not as easy to verify. Compensation could cover physical, mental, and psychological pain and suffering, losing the enjoyment of life, permanent scarring and disfigurement, and inconvenience. 

Commercial Driver’s License Revocation and Disqualification

State traffic laws hold commercial truck drivers to a higher standard, and they can lose their driving privileges for certain offenses. According to the Connecticut General Statutes § 14-44k, truckers can lose their CDL temporarily or permanently for various reasons, including:  

Repeating Serious Traffic Violations

The court could suspend a trucker’s CDL for repeating certain driving offenses, such as reckless driving, driving with distractions, and speeding. Receiving two citations within a three-year period will result in a 60-day suspension, and subsequent offense penalties are harsher.  

Hazardous Railroad Crossing Practices 

There are specific precautions that truck drivers must take when they approach railroad crossings. Failing to follow the safety guidelines will result in CDL suspension. 

Major Driving Offenses  

Truckers who receive convictions for major driving offenses risk losing their commercial driving privileges for one or more years. Violations include driving under the influence, racing, or driving without a license. 

Call a Stratford Truck Accident Attorney for Help with Your Case

An accident involving a massive commercial truck can be traumatizing and leave you with severe injuries and losses. When they occur because of someone else’s negligence, you have the legal right to hold them financially accountable. 

Many people sustain life-threatening and fatal injuries in accidents with commercial vehicles. When truckers or the companies they work for are careless, they must pay for the resulting damages. A Stratford truck accident attorney can help you take legal action. 

Call a proactive lawyer at Bert McDowell Injury Law today to get started on your claim. Do not let a large trucking company and their team of attorneys intimidate you or stop you from seeking the financial recovery you deserve. Bring on Bert!