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No matter how the roads or kinds of drivers are here, accidents and mishaps are unavoidable. The problem is that people tend to blame the bigger vehicle even if they were not present to witness the incident. It is common to see motorcycle riders weaving through the traffic very aggressively. In such situations, a car dashcam can be useful. To deal with the aftermath of an accident can be terrible. In this case, dashcam footage and bodycam footage can be handy. It captures the real-time statement, images of the scene, and witness accounts. This footage can prove to be extremely helpful for the victims. It can be used by extensively experienced accident attorneys. They will help the court to determine which party is at fault. This video will help the victim to get the compensation they deserve:

Advantages of a Dashcam

Below are some of the benefits of having footage from a dash or bodycam in your case:

You Have Full Proof of an Accident

With the help of a car dashcam, you can have a full video of the mishap. Nobody can question your actions if you were not at fault. Moreover, it can also help other people as if somebody else’s accident happen in front of you.

It Can Mitigate Road Rage

Road rage conflicts can get violent in real-time. People who begin a road rage are really short-tempered and do not think before resorting to harming you physically. In such a circumstance, carrying out your car dashcam and pointing it at their face can often pacify them. Seeing a camera, there is a chance that their senses might kick in, and they would calm down. Even if they don’t, you still have documented proof that someone was trying to assault you purposely. Considering the case escalates to a police station or court, your video evidence can practically turn the case in your support in just one move.

Our Attorneys Can Help Decide if Police Bodycam Footage or Another Type of Police Collected Proof Is Available and Obtain It Quickly on Your Behalf.

This makes it extremely significant to work with a Bridgeport personal injury attorney as soon as you are able after your accident. Obtaining body cam footage before it is destroyed may be important to support your car accident claim. An accomplished car accident attorney in Bridgeport or throughout Connecticut at Bert McDowell Injury Law will know how to request police bodycam footage. Also, in areas where body cam technology is not used, recording systems that capture squad car cameras and uniform microphones can be retained. Contact us today!

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